USB Speakers Into Portable Battery Powered Speakers!

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I bought a set of super cheap USB powered computer speakers on sale for $4 at my local grocery store a while back. I figured for $4, I couldn't really go wrong. They ended up being underpowered and just all around not great. So I thought with a few slight modifications (new amplifier, internal battery, etc.) I could turn them into a half decent set of travel speakers. Since they were so cheap to begin with, I'm not too worried if they get damaged/destroyed, so they're ideal little speakers to bring on camping trips and the like.


-Old computer speakers

-ON/OFF switch

-Female 3.5mm jack

-Replacement amplifier (Optional. You can reuse the original easily, I just wanted a little more power/quality)

-Battery (I used a 1200mAh LiPo I had lying around)

-Charger for battery

-Misc hardware (Depends on your exact speakers)


-Soldering iron and solder

-Heat shrink tubing or electrical tape

-Screwdriver (if your speakers are screwed together)

-Tweezers (not necessary, but very handy to get into tight spaces)

-Hot glue gun

-Epoxy/super glue

*Before I begin, I apologize for the lack of pictures from some steps. I got a little too into making it and forgot to take pictures of some of the steps!

I added a video of it playing. Not crazy powerful, but pretty decent for what it is :)

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pjoshi6 made it!1 month ago
hey can I use power bank..
it also gives out a dc potential difference of 5v
josephsmythe11 months ago

This is really cool. I just resurrected an old iPod mini with a 32GB CF card and the battery life isn't what I want. I am going to hack it into a larger battery and hard wire some speakers like this that run off the same battery. This is very helpful.

ctx1985 (author)  josephsmythe11 months ago

Thanks! That sounds like an interesting project! I'm actually planning on doing the cf mod on my original iPod 3G. Does it work alright with your Mini?

nsalman211 months ago

was skeptical at first but, hey! these sound pretty nice! Great job!

ctx1985 (author)  nsalman211 months ago

Thanks a lot :)

newbeatle11 months ago

so nice can you tell me wuere to get the battery charger ? i have a pair of sony ericcson speakers but the amplifier circuit are damaged, maybe with a lm386 do the job for each channel .

thanks in advance, regards from mexico

ctx1985 (author)  newbeatle11 months ago

Thanks! Here's a link to the charger I used:

Yeah LM386 should definitely do the job!

newbeatle ctx198511 months ago

seems nice and thiny , i suppose you just have to solder the battery there . i'll look for another things to ask for, thanks 4 your info !!

ctx1985 (author)  newbeatle11 months ago

No problem! If you need any help with anything else, just let me know :)

KROKKENOSTER11 months ago

Interesting but what is a LiPo battery? Normally just for enjoyment where do you use KW's of sound? Handy

ctx1985 (author)  KROKKENOSTER11 months ago
Hey Lipo is just short for lithium polymer. Just a type of high capacity rechargeable battery. You'd find them most commonly in cell phones, Mp3 players, small Bluetooth speakers, etc. It is a very handy little stereo :)
agis6811 months ago

nice job!

ctx1985 (author)  agis6811 months ago


muddog1511 months ago
Not that expensive. Thanks!
ctx1985 (author)  muddog1511 months ago

No problem!

Farid00711 months ago
You got one more vote in the gadget hacking contest
ctx1985 (author)  Farid00711 months ago

Thank you very much! :)

Janolucero11 months ago

cool i'm doing this on my free time!

ctx1985 (author)  Janolucero11 months ago

Thanks! It's a great little rainy day project :)

Matt Carl11 months ago

Great job man! do you have any links to those specific speakers? Have been looking for some cheap computer speakers!

ctx1985 (author)  Matt Carl11 months ago

Hey thanks a lot! Here is a link to them with their basic information. I can't find a link to buy them online at the moment. I'm Canadian but living in Poland at the moment and I got the speakers on sale at a local grocery store. Here's the link anyways:

Maybe you can find a set used on eBay or something? I'll keep trying to find them for sale online though and will post a link if I can find one. Hope this helps a bit at least :)

tejas19962411 months ago
awesome bro....but did u used regulated battery charger?
ctx1985 (author)  tejas19962411 months ago

Thanks dude! Yeah...It's a cheap Chinese one, but works fine, plus the battery has a protections circuit built in to protect it from under/over charge as well.

muddog1511 months ago
Cost of building from scratch?
ctx1985 (author)  muddog1511 months ago

I'd say about $16.00. Battery originally cost me like $10, speakers were $4, switch was $0.60, battery charger came from China on ebay for around $1.50 originally.

craftclarity11 months ago

Nice build, great photos!

ctx1985 (author)  craftclarity11 months ago

Thanks so much!