Step 7: Possibilities

Picture of Possibilities
The possibilities for this project are vast.

The most interesting thing I can can think of right now would be to use my schools wifi network to wirelessly broadcast the signal online. It could then be used like a live video blog where people see everything going on in my life.
sid983 years ago
also wireup a button into another button to start/stop recoreding that would be easy(im thinking arduino and python)
fib3roptix7 years ago
You should attach them into the eyes of a painting that would be kinda cool.
rocketbat8 years ago
OOOOOOOOOOOOO i got one! attach it to SOMEONE ELSE! who lives near by!
rocketbat8 years ago
i live a short walk from my scool and i have a camera transmitter/receiver that i could ramp up to broadcast that far, hmmmm the possibilities.....