USB Stereo Amplifier 20W+20W With TDA2822M





Introduction: USB Stereo Amplifier 20W+20W With TDA2822M

0.1uF 50V/63V ceramic cap. x2
470uF 25V electrolytic cap. x1
1uF 50V electrolytic cap. x2
100 ohm resistors x2
10k ohm dual or 100k ohm dual pot. x1
TDA2822M 8DIP x1
3W, 5W, 10W, 15W and 20W speakers

You can use 3.7V for a portable speaker or power the amp using USB

You can use the following voltages 3.7V / from USB / 12V and !!! MAX 15V/1A !!!



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    In my email . send clear circuit diagram

    Can you send me clear circuit diagram . please

    This chip has a maximum output power of 1 watt per channel.. 2 watts when bridged....

    wait what??? No!! Bro its only .5 watts per channel and only 1 watt in bridge config try to see data sheet not a internet blogs to see what is the real data of the ic will use

    i was thinking the same, this looks strange

    im working on this proyect but the TDA2822 is heating a lot what can that be ?

    as simple as this tda2822 can't handle much power that a regular lm386 so meaning to say tea can't handle much current voltage as should be the amp can only max absolute maximum voltage of 9 only not 12 or 10 volt I can assure to you if younrun the amp make sure. You just put low watts around 5 watts in 4 ohms load only or 2ohms 5watt much better or much not hurt the ic is 3 watts in 8 ohms that will make the perfect amp but I think you want the amp run in DC voltage I suggest to put 4x2200 electrolytic cap 16 and .1 uf cap in all in caps in parrallel!! To make the amp much no to much distortion by the way nominal 6 to 9 is enough to punch not distorted at max volume I suggested to if you just put a electrolytic cap in input so it will filter choke much better the amp!! But wait!!! Here's be use just only .1 uf electrolytic cap not mylar cap or ceramic one you know why??? It will because may not or !! Will back up bad signal to the device you use and it destroy the preamp of it i suggest it if you put 22k resistor in parallel to the ground so it will sound quality in HiFi mode it will good a instrumentals and heavy bass to I really!! Almost!! Forgot did you see pin 4 the ground ones??? Make sure!!! You put much copper wire or much lead connected to it to the ground to make the distortion and unwanted noise like radio sound come out and clear it !! Promise bro you will rock the amp in no time!!! At!! Again almost forgot to make it much in boost try bridge it its like pin 1 and pin 3 connected in with a 8 ohm 3 watts or just 5 watts 8 ohms speaker in 9 volts 1amp supply. Again!! Almost forgot again!!! Why I put 4 x 2200 if caps in parallel??? Because to make a increase the watts in pwr of the power of the amp make it fullbodied to and last to make a amp much longer power when it use and last to make sure the power not been go down and will continued no distortion make a lower watts when hit low frequency or just hit a bass signals I sure to you the lads!! That 99% of volume of the amp will get no distortion will not came out at all you will the bass of the amp and somehow try to use bass woofer speaker like normal for bass intended speaker rated 3 watts or 5 and I got. Hardyhar if the instrcutables said 20 watts amp it can't say 20 wat from .5 watts source and if you want to make 2x20 watts use tda2005 or 2010 or just may favorite tda7377 much better if you just put preamp to can add wattage to it but for me if you want some speaker just use tda2030 and center tapped transformer to it so can much easier in guitar and home sound system


    the operating mode have heating about 95-120 degrees, so don't worry about that. you can use a thermal conductive glue and stick an aluminium radiator on the top of the IC. Then you can operate with the amplifier using 3,7-5V power supply. It works excellent if you use a cell battery 3,7V or 4,2V.