USB Stick Mouse





Introduction: USB Stick Mouse

Nobody seems to be happy with just a normal flash drive these days. If you haven't customized your usb stick yet, or you're bored and have the following parts lying around waiting to be used, this guide is for you.

You will need:
-USB flash drive. The smaller, the better. (in physical size, not capacity!)
-USB extension cord.

Since I have made my only USB flash drive into a dolphin, today ill be using this bluetooth dongle.

Step 1: Open Up Your Mouse

On my mouse (the classic Microsoft mouse) I found 2 screws on the bottom side of it. Sometimes you will find these screws, hidden under stickers.

Step 2: Clean It Out

Remove all the insides, but leave the ball (if you're using a ball mouse) and scroll wheel if you can.

Step 3: The Tricky Part

See if you can find a way to squash your usb cord and flash drive inside the mouse so it fits comfortably. If your usb stick is too big, you may have to take the cover off it.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Since I had to remove the parts that held up the scrollwheel, I had to superglue it back into place.

Put the mouse back together, and you're done!



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    20 Comments That "broken USB cable" attached to a wireless mouse would be interesting. Might make that just to take it to the library.

    Play around on the computer, save some files unplug your "USB mouse" and keep using an unplugged mouse, cable just dangling off the edge of the table

    "Ooh a mouse. It's a wired mouse and what's with this second apple bluetooth mouse?! which one's the real mouse?"(he 'melts' onto bed)

    Haha nice idea.

    Hmm i may make like a linux distro inside a mouse lol With wireless etc

    That's cool! once we get rid of our old computer I'll have an open mouse to, um, play with. I might try this out!

    Hey you should solder in a small 2 port usb hub and you can have the usb, and the mouse both working at the same time (provided its a usb mouse).


    a weird thing just happened, after i finished reading this instructable and went to scroll down to find more projects when my scroll wheel crapped out in me. now i have a mouse corpse to work with and a USB cable to strip :D



    Awesome idea! At first I thought it was going to be something else, and suggest what you were doing, but when I got to the end I was like :o and yay!!! Awesome Instructable. +5/5 stars.

    hey thanks for the idea! this is a great idea and it works really well. I modified the mouse a bit to fit everything, and glued the scroll wheel back in place (had to remove the part that holds it) and then used some tape and careful placement of the flash drive to hold the mouse ball in place. it loos perfect! I named the flash drive HP MOUSE so even if its plugged in no one will be suspicious, and its completely unnoticeable. not quite as cool as the usb flash drive inside a phone jack idea I was going to try, but much easier and more portable.