Don't throw away that old Thumb Drive / Zippo! Recycle them into something cool!

This instructable is going to show you how to:

Find a good Deal on "zippo" lighters
modify Them to Fit a "stripped" thumb Drive
and how to strip a thumb drive

Step 1: Materials

You'll Need These 4 Things

Old zippo lighter destined for the trash
( if you just want to do this with a new one: http://www.dealextreme.com/)
usb Thumb Drive
Hot glue Gun
needle nose pliers

Step 2: "strip" the Thumb Drive

This should be Pretty Easy. Just don't force it too Much, it will snap the drive itself.

Step 3: Mod the "zippo"

now it's time to mod the Zippo. Do what is pictured Below.

Step 4: Admire Your Work.

I know I have. and I know I will be Saving a Perfectly Good "zippo" from a Landfill. (ok, PART of a zippo.)
great mod! i built one to your specs but instead of using hot glue i used gripfill <br>i stuck a 32 gb stick in.
i have the same lighter and it sucks
ha i have the same knife but with camo scales
did u just have to deface a real zippo why not an imitation. sad face :-( cool idea tho
&nbsp;haha that is an immatation :P it costs about $3 USD off dealextreme.com with free shipping
o ok...<br /> then its kay<br /> XD<br />
Doesn't the hinge keep you from putting the drive all the way into a computer?
awesome idea. only took about an hour to make. and the "click" is still there. thanks for the idea. and it works great without an extension usb cord
Nice! But if i might make a suggestion: take an exacto knife and cut all that extra hot melt glue so it will look more neat. sorry for the late reply, i haven't been on this site in A LONG time.
good idea. thanks for the tip, and dont worry about the late. theres no late fees. ha ha
that joke was so lame it was awesome. Creating a paradox.
couldn't have picked a better lighter to &quot;save&quot;, luv the decal <sup>_</sup><br/>
man, i wish id seen this before i did another similar intructable that uses magnets to shut the zippo. i miss the clicking sound it used to make lol cool instructable tho...
thanks. and yes, I like the clicking sound aswell, that is why I gutted the insides and kept that hinge. be sure to vote for me in the contest this ible is in! kthnxbye. :D
gr8 thing man!! I wish to do that thing buy myself. Thanks for such a gr8 concept. will let you know once i am done with it.
Awesome! be sure to take pictures! and vote for me in the contest this is entered in. :D ok you DON'T, but I would be happy if you did!
I don't use any computer that that would fit into - how does the lid-catch (Keep this) not get in the way for you? L
I use a USB Extension cable. But yeah, It fits into My mother's Laptop. and (if I confoogle it in such a way) into my desktop without the cable.
Ah, yes I actually have one of those, opens me up to some more ideas - thanks. L
yeah.....dealextreme.com is mentioned in the instructable.
You bought that from dealextreme :)
Indeed I did. :D but people have already done this. D:

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