USB Thumb drive flash drive holder-MAKE A BELTCLIP HOLDER

Picture of USB Thumb drive flash drive holder-MAKE A BELTCLIP HOLDER
Tired of having a Usb thumb drive around your neck all the time?
Be Fashionable by making a BELTCLIP HOLDER from a sport cigarette lighter.
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Step 1: A better way

Picture of a better way
I got tired of having my thumb drive around my neck, I keep at least one in my pocket but I also keep a lot of keys and metal stuff that can possibly damage a plastic thumb drive.
I started thinking about modifying one of my pocket knives to hold a flash drive but quickly realized that doing so would take a lot of work. I eventually found something even better.
I remembered that I had a sport lighter that clips onto a belt loop. It also had a protective fliptop.
All I had to do was take the guts out, plus a little sanding and glueing.



mini Screwdriver- straight edge



sandpaper/ or Dremmil tool grinder

super glue

epoxy glue

The COLIBRI CX SPORT LIGHTER can be bought at Fry's Electronics store. And also Ebay.
There are many websites that sell these lighters.
Prices vary from $17.99 to $29.99.


Step 2: Disassemble the lighter

Picture of disassemble the lighter
Unscrew the bottom of the lighter and remove the guts from the casing. There is only one screw. it will take the bottom black plastic off. Then the guts will just fall out. it all comes out as one piece. you can save the Lighter parts for another project. (the spark pieso button should work nicely for your next Spud Gun project, etc.
Ps. Don't feel bad about ruining the lighter, it has the smallest weakest flame I have ever seen.
They call it a sport lighter because it clips onto your beltloop but if you ever need a real sport lighter it had better have a nice wind resistant torch-flame.
cornflaker6 years ago
Who actually puts a USB around their neck? seriously lol (Apart from older teachers)
xana cornflaker5 years ago
people that work in finance's among other things.
jaxxster16 years ago
i am in awe
yay portal
qwertymnb6 years ago
i have the same knife but in silver
lupinesoul7 years ago
For that certain model of lighter, the top doesn't open at least 180 degrees. Wouldn't that make it a bit troublesome to fit it in the usb drive alongside your computer?~
M F (author)  lupinesoul7 years ago
It's just a holder, pull the thumbdrive out to use.
lupinesoul M F7 years ago
I see!
rush_elixir7 years ago
oh im sorry, didn't see the link my fault. I see it now. very cooooooooool instructable.
rush_elixir7 years ago
This awesome dude!,...but where can we buy this lighter holder can you give us a link . thanks full rating plus 100
M F (author) 7 years ago
This instructable has been up for a while. Has anyone else made one, or something similar?
xACIDITYx7 years ago
This is cool!
The only problem I saw in it was...
how does the flash drive plug into the computer if the cap is jutting out so far?
M F (author)  xACIDITYx7 years ago
it's just a holder, pull the drive out to use
xACIDITYx M F7 years ago
Okay. Then... full rating!