Introduction: USB Wall Socket Install

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I wanted to clear up all the bulky wall attachments that you have to use with Ipad, Itouch, Iphone, etc....

You can pick these up at Lowes or Home Depot and there are nicer ones online.



TURN OFF CIRCUIT BREAKER FIRST! If you are unsure about messing with electricity then my advice to you is to let a professional do this.

Step 2: Remove Cover Plate

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Step 3: Gently Pull Out the Elec. Outlet

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Step 4: Wire Up the New One

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The original outlet was controlled with a switch for the top part which is the red wire and the black wire was always hot and attached to the bottom part of the outlet. So, when you turned on the switch by the door the top part of the outlet had power going to it. The new outlet does not have that feature so I capped off the black wire and shoved it back inside.

Before wrapping everything up, plug in something and test by turning the circuit breaker back on AND then turn back off once you see that the new one works.

Step 5: Push the Wires Back in and Tighten Down

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Step 6: The Future Is Here!

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I predict most homes will be built with these in the future if they haven't started already. Enjoy!


injunhead (author)2016-09-17

UPDATE: This project was years ago when I posted and these outlets were difficult to find, but now every Walmart, Lowes and Home Depots have them. They even have all kinds of different styles now too. I actually had to order this outlet online at the time.

3366carlos (author)2015-02-14

very nice, i think walmart sells them too.

ddsouza (author)2012-05-27

As I haven't seen these at the Depot or Lowe's. Could you tell me the brand....

injunhead (author)ddsouza2012-05-28

Item #: 365252 | Model #: TR7740W-K <---they had this in the store

Item #: 369050 | Model #: WP2UWR <---Lowes online

The guy helping me couldn't find it until I gave him the model number. I guess they don't sell them very often since it was the only USB outlet they had.

ddsouza (author)2012-05-27

Very Nice. Where did you get the USB outlet from????

injunhead (author)ddsouza2012-05-28

Lowes. It was the only kind they had. Home Depot had a different kind online, but the closest Home Depot is an hour away from me.

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