Picture of USB ZIPPO
you like zippos right ?
but you don't smoke ?
so why have one ?
to mount a USB thumb drive in it of course!!
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Step 1: Get the parts

Picture of get the parts
you need some parts and tools
1 a zippo (you must make sure it is absolutely empty of fuel and vapor)
2 a usb thumb drive /flash cart
3 glue
4 things i cant remember

1 hacksaw
2 drill with drill bits
3 files
optional : (will make it much easier)
4 dremel with grinding bits

Step 2: Lets get into it

Picture of lets get into it
OK this is the easy part
prep the zippo for the usb drive
ok disassemble the zippo take the fluff out along with the spring thing that holds the flint

now put the zippo in your vice and cut the wheel part of the zippo off with the hack saw
and begin cleaning the cuts with your files or your dremel do a nice job with filing the metal down.

and for the love of hacking please be safe if you don't wear approved personal safety equipment (including safety glasses) while doing this you are a fool. I am not responsible for anything you do whether you set fire to yourself while grinding the metal (yes i have done this) or your pc, laptop, house, cat, girlfriend explodes as a result of making or using this. If you are stupid and kill yourself or any one else i DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT

Step 3: Drill out the flint holder

Picture of drill out the flint holder
OK this is the not so easy part
Grab your drill and bits and find a bit the right size to drill out the flint holder
once you have done this you should have a nice clean hole.

Step 4: Make that hole.

Picture of make that hole.
ok now we got to make that hole bigger to fit the usb plug it to it.
now start another hole as close to the spring thing as you can because we want to still be able to click it as if it was real but still plug it in a computer so drill that hole out and and start fileing that hole in to the shape we want (the shape of a male usb plug)
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X222 years ago
I am not sure I understand the motivation for all of these USB flash drive projects. Everyone knows you can put a USB flash drive into anything, right? Heck, you can probably implant one into your arm. Why do people insist of making countless instructables with [X]+[USB flash drive]. Let me go to a random word generator online right now. OK, first viable word was "Vase". There you go. A new "amazing" instructable. A Vase USB flash drive! Be impressed. Or not.
CaseBoy3 years ago
very cool, but instead of killing your zippo, remove the innards(with out destroying them)grease the bottom inside of the zippo, fill the zippo with hot glue, insert flash drive. so then you can swap between your flash drive and lighter
nice zippo
Hey, I made this and it was pretty cool- but the problem was, the lid of the lighter got in the way, and would not fit in all but one of the computers I tried it on- I'd recomend making it removable.
get a short usb extension cable to use it. Lots of them floating around. I got one with some drive that is like 6 inches long. Perfect if the lighter won't go in the usb ports. Also, if you don't want the metal of the lid hitting and scratching your computer. Also, leaves the lighter out so it can be seen. What is the purpose of this mod if people can't see it????
Heh- just a note- by 'it' I meant the actual usb drive.
SNACKS4 years ago
I like it cool Idea
Splicer025 years ago
Just thought I'd mention that I live in Australia and found a lighter, the same as a zippo, for $5.50. Not sure if there are any someware else. Dont suppose there are Browse 'n' Saves in America or whatever?
Johenix5 years ago
Two points: A few years ago ZIPPO made a mini flashlight in a ZIPPO lighter case.

Why not go the full mile and make a circuit board that would hold, oh say, a terrabyte of flash drive chips that could hide in a ZIPPO case? 

Oh yes, why not position the USB plug so the lighter case cover goes UP when it is pluged into a computer? 
spaghetti-o5 years ago
hey why dont you just pull the whole thing out of the zipppo but u now gotta think of a way to keep it in without moving
COOL! But...... zippos are like 24.99 (mine was) anyway to obtain when your 14 lol (i went to bank, got a visa gift card and used that to buy my own stuff online! i am smart :-) )
(removed by author or community request)
ya Never turn it into a usb drive if you cant get cheap access to them, oh and i turned 15 in may :-D, so next may i can get a debit card!, oh ya my zippo is a black ice (at one angle it looks crome, and at other angles it looks a sweet blackish magnesium color!
Sweet!! This is the one my mom bought me yesterday: Its red :)
:-\ your 14 and your mom, buys you zippos?.?.??? LOL how many do you have?? Honestly my mom wouldnt buy me one of these if i asked in a million years (for me, mabe for the family tho as a firework lighter..?) Gosh, she buys you zippos, and my mom barily lets me get stuff online (like a game, or something), she says, oh ill look at it later, ill look at it later, etc, then says no 99% of the time- a month later ;-(
Yeah i do have a pretty cool mom. Most of the time anyways. And i have three, A chrome, a slim chrome, and a candy apple red one. And my mom is actually pretty cool about my fire stuff. My dad on the other hand is a cop and thinks I'm psychotic and thinks I'm gonna catch fire and die. What does he know, I've only caught fire once, and it was intentional =D
i found that the best place to get cheap zippos is in Chinatown San Francisco... They have pretty sweet zippos there for 5 bucks.
What?????????... thats not possible, they have to be 'fake zippos', cause i dont think Zippo would sell there products for quite that low (even in thousands, by bulk). but still thats awesome, cause fake zippos are still. well awesome :D
i just ask for giftcards to amazon and radioshack etc. and use em' online. GIFTCARD FTW!
Yeah, I'm 14 and my mom buys me Zippos, but makes me pay for them. ;)
whaaaatt.. lol she buys them 4 u lol nice. okay see im not aloud to buy them, but i can have them (just get em w a friend now which has recently turned 18!!! lol 2 night im actually going to buy a sword at this shop thats closing w 50% off haha)
I'm 14, and since I was twelve, I've gotten the following: 1 Zippo 1 Zippo clone, "My Lite" 1 Zippo type, "Nesor" 1 Piezo + Butane Lighter 1 Flint + Butane Lighter 1 Ronson Vanguard Lighter
lol since i was 14 now 16 (few days frm now) i got a 1 zippo, 1 zippo butane insert, 15 different pinzo lighters, countless desposable lighters, 3 high quality blow torches, + other crazy stuff like fuse, shells, firework chems, knives, lol GOD I SHOULD MAKE AN INSTRUCTAble of this! lol
so yo just buy the gift card and go about it like a normal credit card? i wasnt sure how to do it
ok now they sell them at normal stores ;-)!!!!! woot!!! ok, go to Rite Aid, and go to ushally where they have thos pay to go phone cards, and crap, their there. And umm its just like a visa card, but its got prepaid set limit cash, and yeah it workes EXACTLY like a normal credit card! like if you order somthing online, select Visa, and it works the same :-D! hope this helpz ya out. P.S. when you turn 16 i think you can legally work, and apply for a credit card (with parents accompany)
Um, I have a credit card, I'm 14. It's.... somewhere. :/
sweet, thnx man, im gunna go buy some bb guns now
i no its awesome :-D! like i bought so many torches-lighters, some airsoft guns, zippo, chemicals (me pyro lol), etc :-)!
nice, i cant wait, i also finally found a good canadian online airgun supplier, its so great how they ask you for id in stores but online, ANYTHING GOES!
ya :-P, except tho when you buy chems, like high risk like potassium pergmate (somthing like that) the UPS guy asks for an 18 yo. to sign. in no dood, like this is a cool website to hit up if you lived in the US, its located in indiana, witch is next 2 ohio (where i live), so i order something and its there next day or two, and there shipping is unbelevably cheap :-)
oh my god that site is amazing!! jesus christ i hope theyl ship that stuff across the border, that stuff is so cheap!! i am so buying some airsofts and knives! i owe u 2 now...
Dude that site is awsome... its like 6$ for 50 disposable lighters!!!
man, i no :-D they had way more lighters, but they got sold out. i bought so many diff ones!
:-) lol i no its CRAZY cheap!!! :-O
they ship to canada!! alright! i am so buying a couple auto ak47s and shottin all my friends w/ them, for 30 bucks, why not??
:-P. nice, the only thing is thos guns are upgradeable, and if they die they die for good. like i have a JG S-System rifle (400fps stock :-O) oh, we better stop replying to these threds lol cause its off topic :-P ****Case Closed :-)****
your not the first one to think of that xD
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