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I have a recently moved to the US, but my cellphone charger has a British plug. Therefore I have use an adapter, which makes the whole thing very cumbersome to carry around. As I always have some USB outlet like my laptop around anyways, I got the idea to make a USB version for charging the phone.

Step 1: Check the Power Adapter Voltage

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Check what voltage the power adapter generates. For my Samsung model it is 5V DC, which is just what we want.

Step 2: Cut the Cables

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Step 3: Check Voltages

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Step 4: Soldering

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The little black insulating pieces are heat shrinkable tubing, which is very convenient. Just don't forget to put it on there.

Step 5: Charge Phone

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Hooray, it works!


corpseprodder (author)2009-03-15

Is 5.3v always to be expected form a usb out or is there any way to < or > the voltage output. Or is this a daft question?

According to the specification of USB, you get 5 V±5% with 100 mA per device from a port. However, your cellphone might require a different voltage, so best check the power supply first. It should state the voltage on a label.

xrobevansx (author)2008-10-15

You can get a US cell phone charger at dollar stores. I have a Samsung A900, that's where I got mine.

santy22 (author)xrobevansx2009-01-23

where's the fun in that?

evanwehrer (author)xrobevansx2008-12-09

What phone is that? IT looks like the same OS as my samsung phone.

dleithinger (author)evanwehrer2008-12-09

It's a Samsung SGH-P310. The OS has given me some headaches ;)

evanwehrer (author)dleithinger2008-12-09

Cool, I'm gonna get a Nokia N72 for Christmas.

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