USB Dice Keychain





Introduction: USB Dice Keychain

Here is my USB dice keychain.

Here are some pictures of the final product!

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Step 1: How to Begin

Here are the two original dice and some of the tools I used.
I took the old USB stick out of its old cover and marked one die with a sharp knife

Step 2: Milling/Drilling

Now I milled around the marked egdes. After that I drilled holes with the depth of half of the USB stick. Then I smoothed the edges inside with an other milling tool, so that to USB stick fits inside.

Step 3: Holes

These are to holes for the small thread to tie it up to the keys.

Step 4: Final Assembly

I did the same drilling and milling procedure with the second die. After a final smoothening by hand I fixed the USB in the die with some hot glue.
Now you can put the two parts together and you are done!

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    12 Discussions

    This is too cool will have to do this with some extra white dice I have laying around.

    Great !
    Simple but good stuff !
    I do this as soon is possible ...

    Very neat project. I'm going to try this when I get one of those little drives.
    Win Guy

    How do you keep the "cap" dice from coming off so you don't lose the USB and your important stored data?

    1 reply

    Don't make the hole in the cap to big so that the USB sits really tight in it. If it's too lose, you can put some hot glue on one side of the hole to make it tight again.

    I know some people are prone to losing little things like caps. You could drill a part of each die to create a rung shape so as to keep the cap and base tied together with some string!

    The nerd in me wants to shun you for using d6's :P

    Nice 'ible :)

    I found it a time ago at "Satrun" (a big German electronic shop) for 10€.