USB Drive in a Wallet





Introduction: USB Drive in a Wallet

This is how I always have my USB flash drive with me.

I use one of the tiniest models available: KINGMAX Super Stick . Other manufacturers also have similar models. And there are card-readers for micro-SD of similar size.

The size and weight are extremely small — perfect for EDC, but the problem of finding the right place for it had to be solved. So I looked at stuff I always carry with me and found a fold in my wallet.

The last ingredient — velcro to attach the drive. For such a tiny drive it more than enough.

Step 1: Materials

tiny USB flash drive
piece of velcro
thread, needle and a thimble

Step 2: Wallet Side

A thimble comes in handy when it comes to pierce leather.

Step 3: Drive Side

Use good knots.

Step 4: Done

Some photos of finished work.

(There are two different drives in photos. I used the white one for more than a year and was completely happy with the storage system. Recent upgrade of the drive and the wallet gave me the possibility to repeat the work and made this instructable.)



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    This will be perfect for school!

    Just make sure you carry your wallet in a front pocket. Carrying in a back pocket causes back problems, and it can put pressure on the drive that can wear it out.

    I'm still trying to figure out kevinhannan's trick with my wife.... Any 'ibles on that?

    a wallet in the back pocket can also be stolen quite easily :) no problems with that if its in a front pocket

    Great hack, thanks

    in what way is that a hack

    A hack is altering anything to make it function better for you. The term hack has grown away from just a computer type use these days.

    Just a way of saying good idea

    Brilliant idea; liking it a lot.

    Just an idea, you could also probably just glue a strip of velcro to the USB drive itself instead of using the tab; one less place for it to break and be lost.

    Thanks! :-)

    Yeah, but then you couldn't flip it out and connect it quickly to your computer.