USB Flash Drive Cereal and Spoon Cover





Introduction: USB Flash Drive Cereal and Spoon Cover

If you want to make your flash drive look like a spoonful of cereal then make this, and show it to all of your friends and watch them be amazed.

Step 1: What You Need

usb flash drive
hot glue gun
glue stick

Step 2: Glue It

Glue the flash drive onto the spoon.

Step 3: Glue the Cereal

Glue the cereal onto the spoon to look like you scooped it out of a bowl, make sure none of the flash drive is showing except for the metal part that plugs into the computer.

Step 4: Done

save all your documents in a tasty looking spoonful of cereal.



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    Hey thanks for sharing my idea. a little credit would have been nice :-)
    i can confirm that after 3 years its still as fresh as when i made it and even smells like cereal.

    Surely the cereal isn't very strong? It must break pretty easily?

    sorry it's so blurry, any tips?


    yea thats pretty clever

    Looks easy to break the usb port. put one thing on that spoon and boom. Otherwise pretty great looking ,lol!

    it is really sturdy

    I know it is but I've seen usb ports break, a little bit of pressure on the end of that spoon and your usb and a part of the side of the laptop could be gone.

    If you copy other people's stuff you should at least give us the source....

    ...maybe he didn't know...

    well he did you the same cereal