Hello everybody,
I play guitar and I do computer music on Ableton Live. This software has a looper, but it is not so efficient and I needed something better to play... Therefore I started building a USB foot controller with cheap stuffs!

Check the following video to see what it looks like:

Three things you need to know before to start:
-There might be a few mistakes, I do not usually speak english
-This controller works on Ableton Live, I do not know about the others softwares, depending how to configure the controllers...
-Before to built the controller, I checked on the internet if some had the same idea and I found relevant posts. I thought to built it with an old keyboard, and many people already did it. Here is my favorite:
So I based my work on this instructable, adding few steps and comments.

Now that you are ready,
Lets begin!

Step 1: What You Need!

Here is what you'll need:

-An old usb keyboard

-4 red pushbuttons. I bought mines here:
If you prefer some blue ones, it is here:

-4 green pushbuttons:
And if you prefer yellow ones, it is here:

-A breadboard

-A soldering iron


-An old shoebox. If you need shoes you can buy some here (mine come from this shop...):

<p>I'm thinking of building this, as it looks relatively simple and i'm not very good with electronics. But I was wondering if you could explain more about the breadboard part of it, maybe with a diagram? As I said, I'm very bad with electronics</p><p>thanks</p>
<p>Hi! The breadboard allows you to multiply the number of connections for one connection, you can see it on the diagram: the connection with the information &quot;1&quot; is welded to the breadboard, and at the pushbuttons you have the information &quot;1&quot; three times. </p><p>I don't know if it is understandable, but have a look on the diagram I think it is pretty clear.</p><p>Let me know if it is ok!</p>
Thank you, it's a lot clearer now :)

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