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One day, i've see that on internet: .It is a charging valet for electronic stuff.
But 30$ is really not cheap for that. Now, i will show how to do it from yourself for less than 3$.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need those things to make it:
- sinthetic grass
- usb port
- a container (the one you want)

Step 2: Part 1

First pass the usb into a hole of the container

Step 3: Part 2

Then, just put the sinthetic grass over it.

Step 4: Well Done!

Now your electronic stuff is ready to charge and you have save 27$ for it. Enjoy it!
Oh, and thanks voting me for the usb contest!

Step 5: Varient: the Multiple Branch Charger

This varient as multiple branch for charging multiple thing at the same time.
You need the same stuff for doig it except that the container is replaced by a strawberry jar and, of course more usb plugs.      



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    That is really col well done

    Ok you may think I'm crazy but I have an obsession with apple and grass.. But LOVE this iv been looking for this for ever. I didn't want to pay 30$ for one so thanks for this. If I may, can you please tell me where you got the synthetic grass? If you could please send a link or something.. That would be appreciated! Have a nice day!!! Thanks.

    At my local dollar store. That's it really xD

    Thats a funny invention but a very useful one.

    Wont it scratch the device?

    What about the underside then?

    There is no way that it can scratch it, trust me

    Well, it depend what kind of synthetic lawn you use, but the plastic one i used in that instructables won't

    Ah good then you'll be happy to know that I ant YOU to make a "ipad grass pad"