Do you like Halo games? I've got a friend that loves them!
And for his birthday i decided to give him a personalized Halo 4 usb lamp, i'm sure he will love it.

If you don't like shooting games, or you just like to make a different design you'll se i'ts very easy.

Step 1: Materials

For making a personalized lamp you'll need:
-2mm glass or acrylic panel (at least twice the design size)
-One super bright smd LED (about 5mm)
-Some adhesive copper tape for the structure (you can make the structure with any material you want and some wires)
-A 330ohm resistor
-An USB cable
<p>This is so cool!</p>
I ended up making this for my boyfriend for Christmas and just wanted to say thank you so much for putting this out there to inspire me. You are so thoughtful and creative. I made mine on an 11&times;14 sheet of acrylic and he was speechless when I finally showed him. Thank you for making this instructable and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. :)
Where did you get the USB and could you elaborate more on the connecting of the resistors and the led light? Is is also possible to put one on the side for a different effect?
The usb was from an old charger, the circuit is simple, the LED with the resistor in series. You can also put the LED on the side.
Finish the light... (Pun intended if you're a halo fan!)
did you put the panels against each other or is there space between them?
I put them against each other, but there's a bit of air between. If they were totaly in contact, it would be OK.
What a generous and thoughtful gift. Nice instructable to boot!
The purrrrfect instructable. Nicely done.

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