This is the ideal gift for the woman of your heart, combining feminine grace with technology and usability. All you need is a nice looking lipstick, a USB memory stick, and some time on your hands.

Step 1: What You Need

I bought an inexpensive lipstick with a nice metallic case and an 8 GB USB stick from Verbatim that looked small enough to fit into the lipstick. If you want the USB stick to rise by turning the lipstick you should buy a shorter USB stick, which will be more expensive, though.

You will also need:
• A glue gun
• Small pliers
• A screwdriver or pocket knife
• Some ethyl alcohol for cleaning
Yeah it looks OK but is it functional?
<p>Yes indeed. It sure is a bit more bulky than a small USB stick but it works fine.</p>
I want this.
Yet another USB stick case mod, but it looks beautiful!

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