Picture of USB memory stick highlighter
Memory stick in the shell of a highlighter. I'm afriad i've already made it but i can still guide you through it ;)

Step 1: What ya gonna need

You will need,

- highlighter
- USB flash drive
- Super glue (araldite is the best for this)


- Hacksaw
- Needle nose pliers
- Match for stirring and applying glue
- Knife
penzija2 years ago
white LED would be a nice touch
i want to purchase it ... where do i get it??
recordmasta001 (author)  muhammednisar6 years ago
im not selling this item. But if you are after ingrediants you can buy all of them at your local staionary store. Hope that helped!
ChrysN6 years ago
Clever! A great way t hide your memory stick.