Step 3: Finish

I attached the cord to the business end of the stick by minidrilling with a wire-gauge bit, threading the cord, and tying a stopper knot.
American Science &amp; Surplus (http://www.sciplus.com/) carries what they're calling, &quot;reel pens.&quot; The pens aren't worth a tinker's damn, but the reels fit the bill ideally for this Instructable. 4 for $2.95 (item no. 37784).<br/><br/>Bad part is with the shipping they're boosted up to 4 for $8.90 ($2.22 apiece).<br/><br/>Good thing is that you can always buy more of their neat stuff without driving the shipping cost through the roof.<br/>
well,the shipping prices i get from online electronics stores are through the roof,as in 26 dollars for something thats normally like 50 cents
i like it
I have to say this is a clever solution for people who lose caps and hate to have a heavy load hanging on the usb port from all the keys. major props to you sweavo. usb manufacturers should adopt this solution.
Thanks! If any of those manufacturers wanna contact me, I already have refinements in mind :-)
Well, buying a usb extension cord and carrying that in your pocket wouldn't be easier?? -Punk
I don't think it would be easier - it would be bulkier than this solution and it doesn't stay on the keyring so would get lost.
umm.. what? cool? :-\ looks cool :-|?

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