Introduction: USB Powered Bicycle Frontal Lighting System


in this simple Instructable, I will show you how to make your own USB powered frontal lighting system for your bicycle,thus eliminating the use of non-rechargeable batteries, and saving yourself around 80€ by not purchasing a factory-made one.

Step 1: Components List

Step 2: Tools List

- Cable cutter.

- Cable stripper.

- Cutter.

- Flat Screwdriver.

- Multi-meter.

- A vice.

- A drill.

- 8mm drill bit (wood).

- Soldering station.

- Protective headphones.

- Protective glasses.

Step 3: Cut and Strip the USB Cable

Step 4: Test USB Cable Polarity, and the Power Supply Output.

Step 5: Open Up the LED Lamps and Remove Unused Battery Connections

Step 6: Drill Holes for the Power Cables.

Step 7: Cut the Power Cables to the Right Length, and Solder Them Onto the Battery Inputs in the Lamps, RED on Positive, BLACK on Negative.

Step 8: TEST System Performance Before Assembly..

Step 9: Solder the Connections to the USB Cable, and Assemble the System.

Step 10: Mount on Your Bike, Strap the Battery Pack, and Adjust the Focus!

that is my Chopper by the way :D,with a DYI double battery pack. Very proud to have it.

Step 11: Last Step : Vote for Me in the Tech Contest :D (the Cup Icon in Top Right Corner on Your Phone).Thanks


19raulruiz68 (author)2015-12-04

You Got my Vote!

19raulruiz68 (author)2015-12-04

The light project "PRICELE$$"! I live central in the city of Stockton CA. My city is ticketly ""very"" serious about lights on bikes after dark. I have given more flashlights to my group of bicycling associates than I ever owned. lol
This definitely has a trade/street value for parts & accessories.

Joey John 9821 (author)2015-11-29

what the hell is on that bike it looks awesome

Kreat0r (author)Joey John 98212015-11-29

it s a double battery pack that i made for it because i do long distance everyday (the blue ones are the original 10AH, the black one is 18AH).

Joey John 9821 (author)Kreat0r2015-11-30

I love it

Joey John 9821 (author)2015-11-29

I have that bike but stock

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