USB to 12v Molex External Adapter/converter


Introduction: USB to 12v Molex External Adapter/converter

Step 1: Stuff You Need

Step 2: Wires, Cables and Cutting

Step 3: Solder on Soldier

Step 4: Your Done



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    You would need to build a step-up circuit to get the 12v from a 5v source, here's a really good diagram of the circuit at: Without digging into it much more, screw around with the config of your circuit to get the 5 and 12 and the two ground on the 4 wire molex... I'm not sure if it would stay real reliable but that should get a drive to spin up! Not that it's real useful to me right now to build one but would be cool to see the results in your v2. I say cool start, might replace my bulky wall plug one for your v2 if it works!

    the only use for this cable would be to run some fans off of usb.

    since you are only using the 5v lines on the molex the mentioning of 12v should be ommited really.. since you will never get 12v from 5v usb. and u wont be powering a hdd from it unless its a laptop hdd (5v) since a 3.5" hdd uses and needs both 12v and 5v lines.

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    You only get 5V from USB: that's half a Molex and pretty much useless, because 5V cabled-devices tend to be USB anyway.


    Where does the 12 volts come in. Little let down, that this is just the 5V coming off the USB, but then again, didn't see getting much current @12v if there was a boost converter involved, maybe 200 mA.