USBic Flash Drive.





Introduction: USBic Flash Drive.

About: What should I say...? I need more Tools !!

Fix your broken USB Flashdrive with your own stuff.

Step 1: The Case.

Accidentally i broke my cheap Usb thumb Drive but only the case, so I take an empty Bic Lighter and transform it in my new USBic Flashdrive.
With the Help of a Jewelry files and a pointed Pliers, remove the guts and made a hole, so the USB Flashdrive Fits so nice in the Gas Container.

Step 2: Assemble.

Make a Hole until the Board close fitting , Finnally Glue it o stick it with hot Glue Gun.

Step 3: Plug in Baby...!!!.

Enjoy your new and personalized USBic thumb Drive on your stereo or pc.
Try at Home.
Hope you like it ,rated and Vote.



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hard drive? you mean Usb thumb drive

Brazillian? *--*


Like it very much. Voted for you

1 reply

You mean like this one...?
Nahhh...I like it better my way...besides I used the metal Parts to another kind of stuff...but anyway...thnks 4 ur comment...I like the "Silly" part.

YOUR SILLY. juss saying
cos you could dremel off some of the end off the lighter to use as the cap for the usb and then dremel out the inside till your usb fit. put it in there hot glue it. cut out a section of eraser to fit the usb head hot glue it in the 'cap' or glue your old cap in there keep a bit of flick in there for fun and BANG your done. if i make sense

You should leave the lighter end intact, and put the drive in the other "boring" end.

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Yeahhh...I know...In fact once I submit it I realized that somebody else did this before....Anyway...I jUst reuse what I had in my Hands.