Picture of USPS
A hat made out of a cardboard box. A hat that resembles the hat that Kyle, from South Park, wears. Will find a better name.

Step 1: Get Boxes

Picture of Get Boxes
Okay. So for this step you have to order boxes from USPS.com or just steal some from the Post Office (like we did). If you order them online they are free, so is stealing, and they take about 2 weeks to arrive. But if you steal, you can't get too many at a time...
Wario8 years ago
Well........its a tad too tall, if it were shorter it will look somewhat like his hat, take me seriously i have seen every south park episode ever made(i swear on my soul), nice one though, you should paint it.
me to your right
tiger-moth7 years ago
JakeTobak8 years ago
I think you got Stan confused for Kyle.
Wario JakeTobak8 years ago
No kyle wears the green hat, stan wears the blue poofball hat.
JakeTobak Wario8 years ago
It's been two months... he already fixed it. When I said he had it backwards he did, but he fixed it the same day. Did you even read his response, he said he fixed it.
Wario JakeTobak8 years ago
i see, but don't say that im dumb, ive seen all the episodes ok, well now i know ok, thanks
JakeTobak Wario8 years ago
I didn't call you dumb :P
Wario JakeTobak8 years ago
well ok, i thought you were insinuating that i was dumb, i understand.
Taylor G (author)  JakeTobak8 years ago
Sorry haven't seen South Park in a while...will change that.
SurferGeek8 years ago
Uhm... yeah, looks just like the green hat with earmuffs that he wears. Just like it... yeah, uhm... NOT!
Taylor G (author)  SurferGeek8 years ago
I know that it wasn't the best instructable. It wasn't even my idea. See the guy next to me? Yeah he's the one who was like hahaha it looks like Stan or Kyle or whoever. I just kinda went along. Sorry for the poor instructable. Check out my other one it's a little better. =]
The instructions are fine ;) People just lost their imaginations long ago.
bumpus8 years ago
i believe they are madbomber hats ask any canadian and they will kno exacktly what your talking about or should i say aboot hahaha
Taylor G (author)  bumpus8 years ago
Yeah I knew that there was an actual name for them. I just couldn't think of it.
trebuchet038 years ago
Add two antennas for ears -- and you have the starting of an instructables robot costume ;)
IdahoDavid8 years ago
Next up. Paper bag pants.