I was influenced by this video of creating chairs out of postal boxes

I'm part of a community organization called [freespace] that recently opened at the time and we need furniture so I ordered around 1000 flatrate boxes. hahaha

We had so many still left over after the "Postal Box Furniture Making and Pan Pizza Party" that I thought making a giant cardboard castle was a good.

I have a focus on modular structures. Here's how I did it.


These are the boxes you want:


Duct Tape - Lots of it

Step 1: Make Your Boxes

Have your friends help make boxes while you contemplate this endeavor you're about to take on.

*Lala posin' with the mountain of boxes

Step 2: Line Up the Boxes and Start Taping

Set the overlay.

Over lap 1/4 jutting out to create a modular puzzle like fit!

I made mine 10 boxes across and 5 boxes in height

split into 9 pieces:

3 walls

4 corners

2 entrance pieces

Step 3: Keep Workin'

Takes a long time so get friends that have some maker skills to help!

There will be a side where there is a gap due to the way the overlaps are made.

-Consider them windows :)

Step 4: Yay!

Once it's complete, you can disassemble them and rearrange them into whatever you want.

I found them to work very well as a wall partition as well.

Step 5: Put It Out on the Street!

Put a carpet in it.

Add some chairs.

Place a table.

Maybe even a guitar,

Then Invite foreigners/strangers/friends family,

and BAM you got a great place to chill :)


<p>I want to eat lunch in there, looks cozy!</p>
Hey check this out:<br>http://www.uspspropertiesforsale.com/default.asp.f-listings_commercial
<p>It was worth, yours probably will be too :)</p>
<p>So this is why the postal rates keep going up. This misuse of resources is a great example of the tragedy of the commons. Next time you &quot;need&quot; a cardboard castle, maybe you can upcycle some used boxes rather than having some brand new manufactured boxes hand delivered to you on someone else's dime.</p>
<p>Yeah, just wanted to let you know that it is a violation of federal law to misuse those boxes. I would probably avoid flaunting it around by having a box castle outside of my venue. USPS has pursued people for less. Also, I vaguely remember reading years ago that someone who built a chair out of them and posted it online got into trouble. Maybe my memory is failing me though. </p>
<p>I have one of these boxes in my hand and it reads, &quot;This packaging is the property of U.S. Postal Service and is provided solely for use in sending Priority Mail shipments. Misuse may be a violation of federal law. This packaging isnot for resale.&quot;</p><p>&quot;we need furniture so I ordered around 1000 flatrate boxes.&quot; seems to be in violation.</p>

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