USS Enterprise Constitution Class




Introduction: USS Enterprise Constitution Class

This is my very first instructable: As a student in mechanical engineering I have always been interested in the show Star Trek, so I decided to create my very own star ship. I used online blueprints to help remain accurate, though I did make a few personal modifications as to give the older ship a more sleek design. 
Hope you enjoy and thanks for looking!

1. Download .STL file of the USS Enterprise 1701 Constitution Class 

Step 1: CAD: Design and Modification

2. Open Files in necessary 3D printing program (available online or came with your 3D printer)
good Free 3D printing programs include: 123D Make from Autodesk and ReplicatorG              

Step 2: Editing/Modification:

3. Edit the dimensions of the .STL file to your liking 
List of useful CAD programs:
1.Solid works 
2. Autodesk inventor fusion and professional  (If you are a university student you can get their software for free)
3. NX 8
4. Google sketch up

Step 3: Color:

4. Add any text/color within the properties (only if your 3D printer can print in multi-color) 
You should first make these changes within your CAD program as not to waste material. 
Then add the modifications of color to your 3D printing program file  

Step 4: Print!

5. Once everything is complete print and wait to see your finished project. 



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