What did you make?

 I made a cardboard model of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek using 123D Make.  It has blinking lights powered by an arduino. See the photo because a picture is worth a thousand words.  Once painted, 
 abelled and suspended n Space, it looks almost like the real thing! 

How did you make it?

 I have made another similar Instructable project.- the 123D Space Shuttle.  I chose the Enterprise for this project because I watch Star Trek and I like the shape of the ship.

Where did you make it?

I designed and built it on my own at home in the garage.    

What did you learn?

I leaned how to design models in 123D Design as well as arduino programming. I also learned how to safely use an Xacto knife. Next time I would like to use a laser cutter.      

<p>Nice share</p>
Very clever, I made a version in Oak, not sure if it's polite to hi-jack someones Iinstructable so haven't posted pics let me know if it's OK or not.
Picture quality cr*p I'm afraid (embarassing really as I used to be a commercial photographer!)
Yes , please post some pictures

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