Picture of USS Enterprise using 123D Make
USS Enterprise 2.png
What did you make?

 I made a cardboard model of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek using 123D Make.  It has blinking lights powered by an arduino. See the photo because a picture is worth a thousand words.  Once painted, 
 abelled and suspended n Space, it looks almost like the real thing! 

How did you make it?

 I have made another similar Instructable project.- the 123D Space Shuttle.  I chose the Enterprise for this project because I watch Star Trek and I like the shape of the ship.

Where did you make it?

I designed and built it on my own at home in the garage.    

What did you learn?

I leaned how to design models in 123D Design as well as arduino programming. I also learned how to safely use an Xacto knife. Next time I would like to use a laser cutter.      

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Step 2: Using the Software

First, download and  extract the zip file, if you want to change the size from 50 cm, open 123D Make file in the zip file. Next, make sure that uniform scale is selected and then change the dimensions to the desired size.  After that click the "get plans" button and select file type, then click Export.

Step 3: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
If are you are using a laser cutter set it so that it cuts through on the blue lines and just etches the red lines. If you are hand cutting, print out the pdf and glue them to cardboard with wheat paste, then cut them out with the hobby knife.
Very clever, I made a version in Oak, not sure if it's polite to hi-jack someones Iinstructable so haven't posted pics let me know if it's OK or not.
Picture quality cr*p I'm afraid (embarassing really as I used to be a commercial photographer!)
86 (author)  Peter Vivian1 year ago
Yes , please post some pictures