Introduction: UV-C LED Portbale USB Sterilizer (cleaner)

Picture of UV-C LED Portbale USB Sterilizer (cleaner)

I develop a portbable sterilizer base on UV-C LEDs, the small tool has multifuctions as below,

- UV-C disinfection (you can clean mobile phone, keyboard, mouse,credit cards, glasses and any small tings you want to handle);

- Anti virus, bacteria, fangus and any microbes anytime and anywhere);

- 8/16/32GB memory;

- Identify counterfeit money or note (any banknotes with ultraciolet fluorescence mark in 390-410nm)

Design details:

- 2 UV-C LEDs (275-285nm) for microbes germicidal function;
- 1 UV-A LED (390-410nm) for marking UVC irradiation area and counterfeit money;
- USB interface for recharging internal Li battery and out/input data from USB;
- Red indicator for Sterilizing status, Blue indicator for recharging status.
- Average UV intensity in range of 10mm is about 100-200 uW/cm2


conmac863 (author)2013-04-09

Looks nice.
Do you have an instructible for this build?

moradofox (author)conmac8632013-04-24

Thank you veru much for your comment
Instructible for this small tool is very simple:
1.Working Range: Put the side with UVLED close to anything you want to sterilize (or clean), Irradiation range is about 0-20mm as your will, but shorter range means higher UV intensity but smaller irradiation area.
2.Switch on/off: Put the button on the end, UVLED starts to working with RED indicator lighting on. You can put button again to switch off it.
3.Recharge: plug it into USB port of any PC or other working device, when bleu indicator goes out, that means it's fully recharged and can work about 30-50 min.
4.Memory function: It's a standard USB memory with size of 8/16/32GB,

Any question or comments, please feel free to let me know.

unbottled19208306 (author)2015-01-25

The range that any UV-c range LED provides is not enough to really trust your health with, not at this time. I have yet to find a UV-C LED that meets the sterilization range that would be trustworthy enough to sterilize safely. If a 100-280nm range led exists I would love to know where to get it!

Tobias AaronO (author)2014-09-24

one question: frome where do u get those uv-c led`s ?

charles921 (author)2014-04-10

You do not know what your talking about. What is the wavelength of UV-C? This is a advertisement, and you still don't know what you're doing. Is that constructive enough?

grabiel (author)2013-10-26

This is not an istructable!!! is an advertising
Must be removed

seanpc (author)2013-08-24

Where are the instructions? Oh wait this is just an ad! Why is this even here?

seanpc (author)2013-08-24

Where are the instructions? Oh wait this is just an ad! Why is this even here?

ariemeir (author)2013-05-22

Dear Moradofox, could you let me know
the models of your leds ? and where do you get these ?


moradofox (author)ariemeir2013-05-22

Our partner in China produces UVC and UVB LED. the strup module is customized by both sides.

ariemeir (author)moradofox2013-05-22

thanks for your reply.
is it possible to purchase these ?

moradofox (author)ariemeir2013-05-22

Thank you for your interest in deep UVLED modules. If possible, please contact for details. You can give requirements of your application. Hope we can do sth for you.