Introduction: UV Glue Diving Drysuit Express Repair

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What is your favorite drysuit leaks, but the hole is not visible?

Your kayak or boat is leaking and needs urgent repair?

You can find and fix it just in 60 second!

We already use this method for our dive team.

See how it is simple and quick.

Step 1: Materials Used:

Picture of Materials Used:

Step 2: Repair in 60 Seconds!

Apply UV spray the outside of the drysuit.

Spray is designed to search for the smallest damage and easily penetrates through the holes in a drysuit.

Light UV torch inside the suit and you will immediately see where the leak is.

Apply a small amount of UV glue on the hole and UV light it for just 30 seconds.

That's it, no more problems!

UV adhesive has excellent adhesion to trilaminate, neoprene and most other materials. Glue is very fluid, easily penetrates through the hole and it improves the quality of the repair. After polymerization the adhesive becomes like a soft and elastic rubber.

You can go diving right now!


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