UV LED Pin Art Lamp


Introduction: UV LED Pin Art Lamp

I made this lamp for my nephew this Christmas. I used 4 UV LEDs and a few straws to give the effect of 2 tiny black light tubes. I plastic welded the store bought UV Pin Art piece to a project box from the 'shack as the base. The wires run through the spacers and down into the base. There is an ON/OFF switch on the back. The whole thing runs off a 3.2vDC AC wall adapter. It is really cool and was a big hit.



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    umm, didnt try that yet, but you know about fluoresceine? It's highly UV-active, and highly soluble in water as well as in oil. You could try fixin it into a gel, maybe gelantine. I dunno, if it works. But if, you could add a plate of this stuff between your glass plate and the pins maybe and use the reflection of the pins' ends to glow in bright green. Maybe tryout...


    very cool! can you tell me more information about it. tank u

    very cool! this 'ible is definitely added to my list of projects to do.

    This is very cool, i was looking for a cheap way to have a blacklight type of ilumination for one of my painting. Can you tell me more how did you do it with the straws. Are they opaque, will a more transparent one work fine? I suppose you put one UV leds at each end o the straw but how did you sealed them... Is it electrical tape is see..... Anyhow very cool indeed will post pic of my project when finished.