UV Transilluminator


Step 2: Materials contd: UV bulb, filter and other hardware

Picture of Materials contd: UV bulb, filter and other hardware
1 x 312nm Ushio 9W GPX9E UV bulb Cat # 11_2122, Fotodyne:
1 x ballast and G23 lamp holder Cat # 163141.02, Atlanta light bulbs:
1 x U325C transilluminator glass, 7 x 7 cm, HOYA Corporation:
1 x power entry and switch. Cat # CCM1906-ND, Digikey:
1 x 6' power cord. Cat # 132118, Jameco:

4 x Plastic Bumper. Cat # 9405K61, McMaster-Carr:
4 x 10-32 standoff, 2.5” long. Cat # 92230A140
4 x 10-32 machine screw, 1” long. Cat # 91249A272
4 x 10-32 machine screw, ½” long. Cat # 91249A263
2 x 5-40 Thread, ½" long. Cat # 91772A128
2 x 8-32 Thread, ¼" long. Cat # 91772A190
8 x 8-32 machine screw, 3/16” long. Cat # 91771A189
2 x Hinges Cat # 1598A52
2 ft x 14 Gauge general purpose wire. Cat # 7587K98

1 x IPS weld-on cement #3 or 4, Cat # 10792, TAP Plastics:
1 x Hypo-type solvent cement applicator, McMaster-Carr, Cat # 25658        

  • Philips screwdriver
  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Wire clippers
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ktkeith2 years ago
What is the purpose of the transilluminator glass? Is it polarized? Since you are laying the gel directly on the solacryl sheet, why do you need the transilluminator glass and the two lower cover layers to hold it in place?

Note also: the supply link you give for the transilluminator glass - - redirects to, which does not carry Hoya Filters products or, apparently, have anything similar to this. Again, is it necessary?

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