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Introduction: UV Two-sided Exposure Box

Hi There!

This is my first post :)

On this site I saw a few projects UV Exposure Box, and decided to make my choice ... I decided to share with you :)

I wanted to have a two-sided exposure box. I used MDF 12mm and cast acrylic 3mm to prepare the body

Also I have prepared PCB, Proteus 8 with professional help, share all the required filters and information needed to prepare.

Then I'm going to add Fan Air Heater Temperature Heaters to dry

Step 1: PCB UV Timer Creation and Parts:

PCB has developed, Proteus 8 professional help because everyone can not have this program, share PDF files as well as original files Proteus 8

TIMER pcb parts:

arduino nano (1)

relay 12v (2)

buzzer (1)

CONNECT PIN5 2.54(1) for ENCODER modul arduino

CONNECT PIN3 2.54 (1) for buzzer


led 3mm (inticator) (3)

transistor Power MOSFET IRFZ44E (1)

transistor 5V 1.5A Linear Voltage Regulator 7805 (1)

pcb potentiometer 10K (1)

Ceramic Capacitors 0.1uf (4)

resistor 10K (3)

resistor 300 (3)

resistor 22k (1)

resistor 680 (1)

resistor 100 (1)

Step 2: PCB for UV LED Board

I decided to prepare the UV LED board in four parts of size 15X20 cm,

Because it was possible to produce different size UV Exposure Box The distribution of the boards in my case, the pairs are above and the pair below, the total size of 20x30 cm ... A4 format

It's also easier to make this size than 20x30cm

LED board parts: (board 15X20 CM) You need 4 pieces

resistor 91 (36)X4

UV LED 3.2-3.6V 20mA 395nm - 400nm 5mm (108)x4

Total: resistor 144 pieces and LED UV 432 pieces

Step 3: Body Creation and Parts:

Apply the material to the MDF 12 mm, the size of which is given below, click on the cnc machine, if you have a CNC, I can share files for cnc svg format or CorelDRAW

Body parts:

material MDF 12mm

Dimensions and drawings can be viewed in PDF format "Dimensions and drawings"

4 pieces 180mm Metal Full Extension Ball Bearing Drawer Slides Smooth Runners (The pair must merge, because the tray is open completely)

UV Exposure Box

Step 4: Control Panel Creation and Parts:

control panel Made cast cast acrylic 3mm,

control panel placed: LCD screen, ENCODER modul arduino time control, inclusion keys, controlled upper and lower leds ... Also relay Led lighting Added 110-220v relay, for instance if you use 110-220v lamps, which are also controlled by ...

One of the output signals for RELAY, which can be accessed by Reale Fan Air Heater Temperature Heaters to dry

Step 5: Finish

The final look

If you are interested and you have the idea to be better, please share it :)



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    28 Discussions

    And what About these extra holes in timer PCB?

    I do not understrand why there are two buzzers and one has three pins, I bought that piezo and it fits into that two-pins one, so what About these three pins? Thank you. And the display, are there any special specifications? Thank you so much.

    V1 Resistance 10k. Controlling the display contrasts

    It looks like 230v, but I see any power supply in the box, or am I wrong?

    I used the 12 volt power supply in 20 ampers, 230 volts ... enough 4 amperes, 5 amperes are desirable.

    Hello, do I need a premium account to get all steps or is it all in article?

    1 reply

    You do not need to have 5 steps, if you have any questions you asked me to answer

    my proteus wont open the sch files says its corrupted ?

    1 reply

    I will check or update the new one

    Congratulations. Excellent project.

    Hi every one Before every thing i m sorry for my English

    I have done a similar project before 8 month ago i think but i haven't found true UV Led and they arnot cheap i think so i have an idea wich works 100% until this moment i used a uv tube they look like a Néon tube but with uv light lenth of tube 30 cm or 20 cm i think we can find them in an old kill pest with their ballast or by them separatly or for uv varnish nail machine they cost nothing

    comparatively with leds uv and their pcb we can use only 2 or three tubes and it well works good .Second thing the time of exposure depends of uv light intensity and thd distance between LIGHT AND THE PCB

    The last thing we can use an old microwave's timer.

    I f there is some remarks please tell for good use .

    thanks Hammouda

    1 reply

    A wonderful idea is you can use an ultra violet tube.

    I used the tube ... but the time is also great compared to the LED...

    Timer's idea is very good, ready and tested

    I wish you good luck

    his is PCB preparation. Specifically, the Photoresist Anti-etching UV Exposure


    10 months ago

    Really well done. Like this design better than most others have seen.


    10 months ago

    Congratulations. Excellent project.

    Do you have a better image for the sizes of MDF pices on step 3 (or the file)? It is illegible.

    I'll try to build it, but I'm thinking in using UV led tape. What's your opinion?

    1 reply


    Measurements and drawings are viewed in this file PDF "Dimensions and drawings". See Step 3: Body Creation and Parts

    As for UV led tape, why not ...

    I'll be glad if you can arrange my project!

    Maybe you can improve