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Introduction: [Uber Drinks] the Ultimate Pineapple Smoothie

Hi guys. So recently, I saw woofboy111's Instructable "How to Grow Pineapples". I decided that I needed to do this, so I got two pineapples.

I was going to use one of them to make carbonated fruit, but alas, my dry ice vendor was not packing any of the stuff. Therefore, I was destined to find another use for my pineapples.

So, I ate one. Then I decided to make the coolest drink ever.

This smoothie not only tastes great, but also looks great in its stylish carved-out pineapple cup. Perfect for a summer BBQ!

Here's what you'll need:
  • A Pineapple (a real one; we'll be using the shell)
  • About 5-7 medium sized strawberries
  • 50 mL of orange juice
  • A banana

I'm in a contest, so ratings and comments always welcome! :D

Voting for the BBQ PDQ contest starts today, so help me out with a vote!

Step 1: Cut It

Cut off the top of the pineapple with about an inch or two of the meat still intact. Plant the top using wolfboy111's Instructable or save it for later for a lid.

Cut out the center of the pineapple. This part is tough and you want to dispose of it.

Get the rest of the pineapple insides out and put them in a bowl. Initially, I tried using a knife, but later utilized a spoon to finish the job. Because of my sloppy job, it kinda looks like apple sauce in the bowl.

Make sure you keep the outer shell in tact. Look at the pictures if you are having trouble visualizing this.

Step 2: Blend It

Yep. Put in the pineapple guts, strawberries, banana, and the 50 milliliters of OJ. Adjust the orange juice levels as per personal taste. 50 mL makes for quite a thick smoothie, the way I like it.

Blend everything together except for the ice until there is an even consistency. Then grab 5 cubes of ice and throw them in. Pulse the mixture until there are small chunks of ice.

The idea is to put in crushed ice, so if you have an ice crusher already, use that. Usually when you just throw the cubes in, you get big chunks or they just turn into water.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Pour the concoction back into the carved out pineapple. If you saved the lid, cut out a straw hole of two and place it back on top (notches would also help keep the lid in place.

Share your drink with others! Then take it some place nice, and take pictures in the sun. Cheers.



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    Like your instructable.

    I has smoothie maker but no blender.

    Thats a good observation. I was quite amazed at the ingenuity of using some kind of pot to plant the pineapple stalk in. What do you call one of those things?

    They look really interesting.

    Wait, are you asking me what kind of pot the pineapple top is planted it?

    Yes. I've never seen one before, and they look =fun= What's it made out of? What are the dimensions? How old is it? Does it have a name?
    Does it come pre-filled with soil, or do you have to supply that yourself?

    The instructables not bad either.

    Why thank you! But how did you like the Instructable?

    looks good I think I will try it

    Great! Get back to me when you do and leave a comment.

    I bet this would be good with a shot or 2 of rum in it

    Hey dude, I was just wondering if you could give me a vote (if you haven't already) in the BBQ PDQ contest since you liked it so much. Thanks for everything.

    Thanks a lot man! (Is it just me or did your rating not show up? : / )

    I might not have clicked it - sometimes I forget ;-) I'll double check.

    Great man, thanks for all of your help!

    I just got a new blender yesterday and I'm doing this one on Sunday! I'll let you know what i think. I did not know about growing pine apples like that. I may try to grow some later this year. DOUBLE SCORE!

    3 replies

    Awesome! Well once you try it, can you get back to me and maybe give me some stars? :D Thanks for commenting!

    Yeah this didn't make it till Sunday. These are AWESOME! I added a little more ice to them but they turned out great, 5 stars!

    Hate to be a pain, but if you could give me a vote in the BBQ PDQ contest (if you haven't already), I would be very happy! Thanks for all of your input.