[Uber Drinks] The Ultimate Pineapple Smoothie


Step 2: Blend It

Yep. Put in the pineapple guts, strawberries, banana, and the 50 milliliters of OJ. Adjust the orange juice levels as per personal taste. 50 mL makes for quite a thick smoothie, the way I like it.

Blend everything together except for the ice until there is an even consistency. Then grab 5 cubes of ice and throw them in. Pulse the mixture until there are small chunks of ice.

The idea is to put in crushed ice, so if you have an ice crusher already, use that. Usually when you just throw the cubes in, you get big chunks or they just turn into water.
Noadi7 years ago
I don't like adding water ice to my smoothies because I love my smoothies to taste really fruity so I freeze pieces of fruit and make juice cubes. Might want to give it a try.