Uber High-end Fashion Earrings from Recycled Water Bottle

Picture of Uber High-end Fashion Earrings from Recycled Water Bottle
This Instructable will guide you through the process, of creating some simple fashionable earrings from Recycled Water Bottles.

This I'ble will show you one example that you may wish to recreate. The possibilities are endless and many neat effects may be achieved.
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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
You will need for this project-

~ Water bottle.
~ 2 earring hooks.
~ Some small gauge wire.
~ 1200 grit Wet / Dry sand paper.
~ Assorted beads / stones.
~ Needle nose pliers.
~ Matches or a lighter.

Step 2: Cutting the segments, creating ancor points and sanding

Picture of Cutting the segments, creating ancor points and sanding
Start by taking your bottle and cutting the top and bottom off it.
Take the cylinder and slice it up one side.

Lay the sheet of plastic out flat and trace around the bottle cap. We will need 6 circles for these earrings.
Cut the 6 circles out.

We now need to create the anchor points to join the segments.

There needs to be a hole at the top and bottom of 4 segments.

Then two of those we need to make another hole to anchor the offset segment.
Make this hole just to the side and up a tad from the bottom hole .

We then need another hole just at the top of the offset segment.

Take some of your wire and heat till glowing red hot. Use this to make the holes.

Once you have finished creating the holes it is time to sand. Take your sand paper and abraid the surface of the plastic to an opaque finish.

Step 3: Joining the segments

Picture of Joining the segments
To join the segments we will need to take some of our wire and create loops in order to connect the pre-made holes.

Create 2 pairs of fixings as pictured. The smaller are for the offset and the larger pair are to join the top and bottom segment. I have made these larger as to accomodate a glass bead.
paravou5 years ago
I already have jump rings so I'm going to use a heated needle instead.

Looking at the falling round shapes, reminded me of "beaded doorway curtains". The curtains can be strung with thin ribbon, fishing line, or other jewelry findings. Bottles parts can be cut into other rounded-edged shapes, such as stars, moons, hearts, and etc. Add other beads, buttons or whatever you instructable heart desires!! Other possibilities are cascading chandeliers w/ led light, decorate the bottom edge of a lampshade, and window decorations/chimes. My goodness...I may run out of bottles!! Thanks for the creative boost!
davee52uk6 years ago
Instead of adding the things to go in your ears, you could put a treble hook at one end and a swivel at other. Paint it up with suitable colours and you have a fishing lure - a wobbler or spinner depending on the shape cut out
Lftndbt (author)  davee52uk6 years ago
Nice idea!! You know you could probably knock up and I'ble about that.
canida6 years ago
Nice! I bet you could get some neat textures and color effects by heat-shrinking the bits of plastic, too.
Lftndbt (author)  canida6 years ago
Yes indeed! That's the beauty of the medium. It can take so many different forms. Since this I'ble is complete and the earrings are made from glass and metal, perhaps I should try blasting them as is and see what type of effect is produced. Thanks for the idea!