Step 6: Stretch and stuffify

Picture of Stretch and stuffify
You did it! Stretch your Uber band over top your cards and cash and fall in love. To find easily find a card in the middle of the stack just  place your thumb and index fingers on either side to spread them apart; pick the card out without having to remove every card. The extra material thickness of the seam provides a perfect spot to tuck back and insert cash. Enjoy!
jrv4112 years ago
Very cool, I used an even more low budget approach. I stacked the cards I carry daily to include driver and work ID's. I put a business card on top and bottom of the stack, I then single wrapped (you can wrap 2X for more durability) with Gorilla tape, you'll need to do an upper and lower wrap if wrapping width-wise. This allows me to access/stash cards from top and bottom or side to side depending on how you carry.
jrv411 jrv4112 years ago
You can also use duct tape but I prefer the black of Gorilla tape.
Helder4u2 years ago
U are worthy of the Nobel Prize for simplicity and usefulness!
dollywild2 years ago
Nice! Useful, good looking, simple to make. Perfect! Thanks!