Uber-fantastic Coffee Butter





Introduction: Uber-fantastic Coffee Butter

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Delicious on crackers, toast, cookies or granola this simple recipe combines the crispy decadence of coffee with the creaminess of peanutbutter.


1 Tablespoon  coffee (finely ground)

1 Tablespoon  peanutbutter

1 teaspoon  sugar or crystallized honey

Directions: mix together and enjoy.



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    The idea sounds awesome. I tried it out, (with caramel flavored coffee) it was very bitter and uneatable. So i added more sugar, it didnt change anything :( any advises, i mean i'm reading the comments and thinking, why isnt working for me. HELP!!!

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    No two batches of coffee beans are the same depending when they were picked and how they were stored and processed. Coffee Arabica is my favorite beans. There are many different blends of coffee and sometimes the fancy aromas are a hit or a miss. Other reason why a mixture could taste aweful was if it reacted with the container it was sitting in. A metal bowl can oxidize and ruin the ingredients.

    by the way....what possessed you make such a thing???

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    I like to drink hazelnut coffee a lot, I enjoy the creaminess of peanutbutter and together they make a powerful tango of deliciousness. And the contest added incentive to try something new with coffee.

    would instant coffee work? this sounds wonderful! Ferb I know what we're going to do today.

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    Yes, definately! :D

    This looks delicious and I'll be making up a batch soon. I wanted to ask though, why does the honey have to be crystalized? I ask because I have normal honey that isn't crystalized and would prefer honey over sugar.

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    Thank you Seventhc for this very interesting question! If you add liquid honey you coffee butter will be a little bit softer. I added crystalised honey for more texture (scratchy) and thicker. I guess I wanted to bite into my coffee mixture. :)

    That has to be the simplest recipe I've ever seen. Sounds like a tasty way to get my coffee fix.

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    I was hoping you would say that. Simply delicious! Enjoy. :)

    Ooo nice. But I wonder if instead of peanut butter since I'm not much of a peanut butter fan, if its possible to use almond butter or even make a mocha spread using Nutella? :)

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    These are all delicious ideas. Send me a photo. Nuttella...yum,yum. Shhhh...don't tell anybody. ;)

    This was quite delicious

    perfect on graham crackers.....instant coffee works well.....and instead of sugar or honey, grind up some chocolate or chocolate chips into a fine grind. how is it? for the ladies: to-die-for. for the men: dude.

    This was a great dessert snack.

    Nice idea! Thanks much. Looks yummy.

    I think I will try this tomorrow. Thanks for that.

    Oooh, what a yummmmy idea! I'm inspired to try different nut-butters... Walnut or almond maybe. Or hazelnut of course!

    What a great way to get your coffee and breakfast in one on your way out the door in the morning :-)

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    I think the hazelnut is a great idea!

    Just made this and it was very good. Something I would never have thought of doing. Thank you.