Picture of Ufo Light Toy...
I invented this toy when i was a child.  I was trying to
 make a perpetual motion machine but made this by accident...
 It is fun and very simple...
 I did this build at The TechShop in San Jose California...
    Gabriel Aceves
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Step 1: Materials...

Picture of Materials...
Materials you are going to need are,  (2) small Dc motors, (1) 1/8 split pin, (1) small  6-9volt lightbulb
 with 4 inch leads, (1) AC-DC transformer that matches the voltage of of your dc
 motors...  I got all the materials at HSC electronic surpluss
 in sunnyvale california.  you also need a soldering iron and solder 

Step 2: Step One... Linking the motor shafts...

Picture of Step One...  Linking the motor shafts...
Ok so what we are going to do in this step is connect the shafts of the two  motors
as shown in the pictures...   I found that a 1/8 inch split pin worked will...
 When I was a kid I used the gears that were attached to the motors,  So you
 are going to press one shaft halfway in and the other motor the other
half from the oppisite side...

Step 3: Step two... Soldering the light...

Picture of Step two...  Soldering the light...
Now you are going to solder the light bulb to the motor...
 You cant tell in the pictures but you want the wires facing the same
 direction and at a ninety degree angle from the shaft so they do
 not flex alot...  They should also be the same length...

Step 4: Step Four... Soldering your power supply...

Picture of Step Four...  Soldering your power supply...
 Now we are going to solder our power supply
 to the second motor...   I did not put a switch in
 there but you could put on in if you want...
 i am just showing the concept and base materials..
 You can also use batteries as a powersource....
 I think I am going to figure out how to make a prettier
and more compact model some day...
Wow, sorry no video
ynze3 years ago
It looks cool to me! Why do you need two motors to make the circular motion?Could you post a video of the light toy in action?


gaceves009 (author)  ynze3 years ago
The second motor acts as a generator....
ynze gaceves0093 years ago
...and now I understand your remark about a perpetual motion machine :-D. It takes me a while, but I'll get there in the end...
ynze gaceves0093 years ago
Ah, I could have thought of that myself :-s

carlitos3 years ago
Simple but interesting. You are effectively passing electricity from a fixed terminal to one that is spinning, with some loss of course determined by efficiency of motor as a generator and how small a difference between spin rates of the motors' shaft.
gaceves009 (author)  carlitos3 years ago
Yeah That sounds right... the second motor
housing spins slower because it has to drag the
wires and the light aroung causing the
armacher tho spin and there for making
electricty... Sorry about the terrible spelling