Introduction: Ugliest Strongest Case for Powerbook Transformer

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Cables when extensively use tend to ... DIE ! Mac Laptops are no exception. I wanted to fix it, for a looong time.

Step 1: First : BRUTALITY !!!!!!

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First locate the problem. For me the cable was dead on the thin cable at the beginning.

I didn't find any 'clever' way to open the transformer, maybe someone did an instructable called 'how to open a powerbook tranformer with ease', i didn't find it, sorry for this. So I opened it with a hammer and a few flat drivers with anger and sweating. Don't forget to unplug it before you start, don't forget to test it without the case (BE CAREFULL TEST IT WITOUT TOUCHING THE TRANSFORMER ITSELF, I GOT AN ELECTRIC SHOCK 220volts because i played with it while on).

After opening it, i discover that in the box, the cable was stopped by an ingenuous knot molded into a cube of plastic. This time delicately, not with a blade but with a sharp cutting pliers, I extracted the knot off the cube and unlocked the knot.

Step 2: The Replacing Box

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I was in a hurry, so i just took a piece of wood and made simple (ugly) case with 'spagetti' holes.
I firmly fixed the cables so they come out by the same hole (I know it's not good ...).

Step 3: Cable Protectors

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In order to prevent too radical torsion to my old cables, i used these long steel springs. My springs were so long, it took a little while, and the third hand is Nasser who popped in by chance a this precise moment of the night, thanks mate !

Step 4: Cable Fixing, How to Use It Now

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As the cable were already firmly attached to the case, only remained the necessity to hold the cables in place, i took an other shortcut : brown tape ! hehehe.

The outcome is absolutely ugly (i love it) and no one will ever presume it's an apple product designed in Califorbnia, BUT you can also pretend it's a
-Microphone (with potentiometer !!!)
-Spagetti machine
-Wired talkie-walkie
-A shower thing
-Anything you want actualy

Apart from this, it works good and dissipates hit much faster than before (it used to be sooo hot). And wood is so charming.


Alex Moon (author)2009-05-29

Hello just a thought. What I see in the first picture here does not appear to be helping anything there are piles of torsion on those cables. (well especially the big one) you would have been better to create a double back sandwich for each wire. It seems there would be enough room in your housing, and you wouldn't have to worry about pinching it in that unfortunate pipe wall mounting bracket. just to be super safe.

cesar harada (author)Alex Moon2009-05-30

I disagree. The springs are attached to the box, on the third image they are not attached, they should, next step. the spring very well reduces cable torsion, simple mecanic fact, it is very difficult to bend at an angle, it is always a curve. Anyhow, please describe the double back sandwich please, I dont know what you mean. Thanks for comment.

B-radical_pyro (author)2007-08-24

uhm... what does this have to do with fire? whys it in the fun with fire section?

Flumpkins (author)B-radical_pyro2008-10-19


LasVegas (author)2007-07-23

What is a Transformator?

cesar harada (author)LasVegas2007-07-24

hahaha !! sorry ! My english is not very very .... hum hum ... hehehe ! and the cinema influence ...hahah !! I meant transformer. Thanks, i corrected it on the instructable steps ! Cheers.

the "thing" just died after 2 years of service. RIP "thing".

Dzwiedziu (author)LasVegas2007-07-24

It's transformer in polish (and perhaps other similar languages) ;P

better plagues (author)2007-07-24

The wood is probably preventing the heat from getting out rather than dissipating it more efficiently than the original plastic, even with those few holes. But I do have to admit that this is the ugliest (though maybe a little questionably safe) powerbook adapter that I've ever seen.

hehehe, you are right on every point, actually I don't even know if I would even recommend anyone to build it for it for oneself (that's an other debate : should we put only instructables that works-looks great ? I have just added this instructable to the "groups : crapiest group ever" (VIP area). Maybe this one can be a good anti-exemple _ as announced as "ugliest"). The only fact that I'm happy with : it works.
One day I will have to learn to let my appliances die ... hhuuhuh !

LasVegas (author)cesar harada2007-07-24

He's got plenty of ventilation for the little heat produced. I've never had to do something like this because Apple's warranty has always replaced any bad power supplies.

Mwafler (author)2007-07-24

It looks sorta scary....I would fear Its fire starting capabilities....

cesar harada (author)Mwafler2007-07-24

You are totally right !! VERY NICE IDEA !! I HOPE IT WILL START BURNING ONE DAY !! At the moment, this wooden box is on the test, waiting to ignite my house ! So I posted this silly instructable on related groups :
fun with fire
pyro !

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