In this Instructable, Ms. Zoid and I will show you how we made this Ugly Christmas Sweater. This was created for a contest at work and we are not sure if it won yet. I will be sure to let you know when the judging finishes.

Tools needed:
Glue Gun
Safety Pins
Pom - Poms
And whatever you have lying around from Christmas' past.

Watch the video HERE.

Step 1: Let's Create a Christmas Tree Out of Pom - Poms

  1. Get an old sweater you are no longer fond of.
  2. Heat up your glue gun.
  3. Using a marker, outline your shape. We chose a Christmas tree.
  4. Start gluing your pom - poms into the shape you want.
  5. Add tree garland for the full effect. A typical glue gun works fine for this project.
<p>It pasts my &quot;ugly&quot; standards!! Merry Christmas!!</p>
We won!
<p>This sweater makes me laugh! I bet you had fun making it! :-D</p>
We did have fun making it. The sweater was for a contest at Ms. Zoid's work place and there just happened to be a contest on here. We didn't win the work competition though.
Oh, ok thx
You have my vote too
Thank you so much.
Hahah! The fuzzy cuffs are a great addition. :D
Thank you. We actually have a bunch of fur lying around. Crazy Burners!
You have my vote!
Thank you for your vote. I just subscribed to your page.
We had all of the supplies to make this sweater, so no money was spent.

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