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In this Instructable, Ms. Zoid and I will show you how we made this Ugly Christmas Sweater. This was created for a contest at work and we are not sure if it won yet. I will be sure to let you know when the judging finishes.

Tools needed:
Glue Gun
Safety Pins
Pom - Poms
And whatever you have lying around from Christmas' past.

Watch the video HERE.

Step 1: Let's Create A Christmas Tree Out Of Pom - Poms

  1. Get an old sweater you are no longer fond of.
  2. Heat up your glue gun.
  3. Using a marker, outline your shape. We chose a Christmas tree.
  4. Start gluing your pom - poms into the shape you want.
  5. Add tree garland for the full effect. A typical glue gun works fine for this project.
Tater Zoid (author) 1 year ago
We won!
bajablue1 year ago

This sweater makes me laugh! I bet you had fun making it! :-D

Tater Zoid (author)  bajablue1 year ago
We did have fun making it. The sweater was for a contest at Ms. Zoid's work place and there just happened to be a contest on here. We didn't win the work competition though.
craftpro1 year ago
Oh, ok thx
You have my vote too
Tater Zoid (author)  MakennaWhiting1 year ago
Thank you so much.
Hahah! The fuzzy cuffs are a great addition. :D
Tater Zoid (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago
Thank you. We actually have a bunch of fur lying around. Crazy Burners!
craftpro1 year ago
You have my vote!
Tater Zoid (author)  craftpro1 year ago
Thank you for your vote. I just subscribed to your page.
Tater Zoid (author) 1 year ago
We had all of the supplies to make this sweater, so no money was spent.