I was inspired by Jennifer Strunge's Cotton Monsters to make my Christmas gifts this year. My dolls are not as detailed as her because I wanted to make a dozen or so in a weeks time so I customized the pattern so it would take about an hour to make one.  

Step 1: 1. Making the Pattern

I had to customize the pattern so it would be sewn fast but you make your dolls look how ever you like! I went through about four different designs before I settled on this one. In fact this whole in'table was a proof of concept design. 

Also I used old clothes I had for the materials so I didn't have to buy any cloth. You can use whatever fabric you like. I used buttons for the eyes because I thought it added to the quirkiness of the doll. Again, use what you think will work best for your design.

What you will need to make your pattern:
paper (I used graph paper)
pen or pencil
a ruler

I wanted to use one sheet of paper for the pattern and I wanted the doll to fit comfortably in one hand. You can see the sketches I made for the doll. I used graph paper so I would be able to see the seem allowances along with the actual size of the doll.

1. Sketch out your doll the size you want it on your paper.
2. Add your seem allowance, mine was a proper 5/8th inch but I usual use 1/2 inch cause it's easier to eye it on my machine.
3. Cut out your paper doll and lay on your fabric. I only did half the pattern and cut the fabric on the fold so the doll would be symmetrical. 
4. Cut your fabric as close to the paper pattern as you can without cutting your paper. Unless you want to make new patterns for every doll, be careful to not destroy your pattern in the process.

<p>These are actually really cute!!!</p>
<p>Love them.</p>
Things change with time as earlier kids play with pretty dolls and barbies and now a day kids like to have their own monster dolls. These dolls are more handy and have easy maintaince than any other doll evens you can make your own ugly doll. It is an easy process and the look of the doll depends on kids' imagination.<br><a href="http://www.mockingbirdonbroad.com/linens_and_things" rel="nofollow">pine cone hill</a><br>
How do you make the teeth?
and the ''hair'' were legs <br>
You mean, the hair should be at the bottom as legs? I like that idea! I might have to change my org pattern.
it would look more nice if it were upside-down <br>
Cool idea inspired me to make one of my own

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