Picture of Ugly Sweater
An Easy Ugly Sweater
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Step 1: Materials

-A couple yards of Sweatshirt fabric
-A Yard of battery operated LED Lights
- a few bells bells

Step 2:

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cut out the main part of the sweatshirt 2x one for each side, you can base it of of a manufactured sweater. also cut out two sleeves, measure around you wrist and the your shoulder to find the correct size.

Step 3:

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Sew the two parts together inside out then, that way the seams are not on the outside. (make sure not to sew the bottom or top or armholes) sew the sleeves  (only on the long side)

Step 4:

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sew the sleeves onto the main part. 

Step 5:

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Cut out a crooked tree from green felt, that looks like one of the branches is weighed down. sew on bells and felt orniments.

Step 6:

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cut slits on the inside of the tree and insert LEDs. some parts of the tree will glow as if there are lights in it 
Dang, this is ugly all right!