Acient Oven That Helps to Be Independent of the Benefits of Civilization





Introduction: Acient Oven That Helps to Be Independent of the Benefits of Civilization

I want to tell the story about my grandma`s oven. In old days in the place where my grandma grew up , every family had an oven like she does today. Unfortunately, thinking that these ovens are old fashioned people got rid of them relying more on benefits of civilization. Several years ago, when my grandmother moved to her current house she decided to have this special oven built in her house. It was quite difficult to find an expert who could make it, as this kind of knowledge and skills are forgotten nowadays. After a couple of years of search she finally found a person who made her dream to come true. This oven is unique as it does many more things than just bake. It keeps the house warm for several days and nights. You can dry herbs and fruits for tea. My grandmother told me that our ancestors used it to get warm and relaxed after hard work on the field or a long day of hunting. Sleeping over night on the warm couch also helps to get rid of a cold. The food cooked in the oven is more nutritious and has a unique taste that modern ovens can`t match. The smell and sounds of the fire gives a warm and cozy feeling that brings back nice memories. My favourite thing of all is sleeping over the oven.

Step 1: The Oven and Its Stoves

This wood-fired oven is made of bricks and glay. It is energy efficient as it can keep warmth for about 3 days.The oven has 3 fireplaces. In the main stove (photo 3,4), you can bake bread or pizza, cook soup in a pot etc. Also, the stove heats the house and warms the upper couch.

On the pictures 1, 5 and 6 you can see another stove. It heats the surface on with you can fry or cook your food like on the normal stovetop. To its right there is a reservuar for water built inside of the oven. If you need you can warm or boil water and use the tap to pour it.

The 3-d stove is shown on the pictures 7 and 8. It is separated by the wall and situated in the other room, but is still connected with the oven. It warms the lower couch.

Step 2: Сouches

These are 2 couches: the upper one (pic. 1,2) for 3 people and the lower couch (pic. 3,4) for 1 person or for a couple of people to sit on. The lower couch also has a place where you can dry your shoes or some other things (pic. 6). My grandmother uses the couch also for drying herbs for tea, plums, apples, pears, rosehip, nuts etc. They get dry very fast saving all vitamins and colour (pic. 7). You can heat these 2 couches separately as per your need.

Step 3: Special Tools

The first photo shows Rogach, a special tool with the help of which we put in or remove from the oven pots.The 4th photo shows a fire iron, a metal instrument for tending a fire.

Step 4: Decorations

And finally... my grandmother's decorations :) By the way this kerosene lamp is still functional (my grandmother uses it sometimes when there is no electricity), as well as this washbasin (see step 1).

Step 5: The Place of Our Family Reunion

This oven is our family relic and the place near wich is always cozy, warm and joyful.



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    Cool!!! I am also from Ukraine. But this is the best oven ever seen. This is a true family heirloom. Today it is difficult to find a master who can do it. It's nice that there are people who appreciate such things. I can not stop watching. I wish you happiness and health to you and your family!!!

    Удачи Вам!!!

    You are right. Sleeping over a night on top of this oven saved me from sickness many times.

    The one I saw was in my husband's family, in a village near Ternopol, Ukraine.

    Thank you for sharing this. That is neat and interesting how families of other cultures would live and work together. In this modern age so much is taken for granted.

    1 reply

    Thank you for your comment.

    I live in the US and wish we had a craftsman with skills to build this! It looks so beautiful and inviting. Hope you get many years of love and happy memories living with it!!!!! I love it. MAK

    1 reply

    Thank you so much! If you will visit Ukraine someday, you are welcome to come to our place.