Ukulele Inlays Aluminium DIY





Introduction: Ukulele Inlays Aluminium DIY

Incrustation Ukulele

Incrustation d''aluminium dans le manche du ukulélé.

Inlay aluminum in the handle of the ukulele


  • Scalpel
  • Dremel
  • Plaque
  • aluminium 1mm
  • Scie Bocfil
  • Abrasif
  • Verni
  • Bois
  • Colle à Bois


  • Scalpel
  • Dremel
  • Plate 1mm aluminum
  • saw Bocfil
  • Abrasive
  • Varnished Wood
  • Wood glue


Step 1: Le Modèle:

The model:

Step 2: Division of Aluminum to Bocfil:

Découpage de l'aluminium au bocfil:

Cut aluminum and trace the outline on the handle.

Découper l''aluminium puis tracer le contour sur le manche.

Step 3: Inlay

The inlay is made with the scalpel for the board and for the middle dremel.

Then the aluminum is bonded with adhesive to wood.

L'Incrustation est fait avec le scalpel pour le bord et la dremel pour le milieu.

Ensuite l'alu est coller avec de la colle à bois.

Step 4: Finish 1

  1. Sand aluminum
  2. Redo the slot

  3. Deliver Fretes

  1. Poncer l'aluminium
  2. Refaire la fente
  3. Remettre les fretes

Step 5: Finish 2

Vernissage and it's over.

Vernissage et c'est fini.




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    I'm interested in knowing more about how you traced that outline. Did you use some kind of powder? Some kind of ink? That looks like a good technique for any inlays.

    4 replies

    I used gouache, but it goes a bit in the ports of wood, so it's not apparent to remove.

    J'ai utilisé de la gouache, mais ca rentre un peu dans les ports du bois, donc c'est pas evidents a enlever.

    In step 2, you show the picture of the dove outlined in a white material. That's what I'm really interested in find out more about.

    This might be a language barrier here, but by gouache, do you mean the scalpel that you mentioned above or this:

    Thanks for the information!

    gouache is white paint but it is a bit difficult to remove. Grieve for the delay

    Exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks!

    Hi I'd just like to make sure. You said you used adhesive on the inlay and in the materials its listed as wood glue.I would of thought that wouldn't be able to adher metal and wood, but I'm no expert. Also could the alaminium from a soft drinks can be used, wouldn't it just be as good if not better as it's cheaper ;-)

    1 reply

    This glue is not made for aluminum officially but it works anyway. Aluminum didnt move. I think AC can operate with the aluminum beverage, ca should be easier to cut out.

    Cette colle n'est pas fait pour l'aluminium officiellement, mais ça marche quand même. Aluminium ne bouge pas. Je pense que ca peut fonctionner avec la boisson en aluminium, ca devrait être plus facile à découper.