This is the complete tutorial for construction of the Slidee rail with stepper motor drive. The construction photos, Slidee controller circuit and software can be downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/slidee and you are invited to add and enhance this opensource project.

The bill of material for the slidee rail
1) 2 pieces of 1x1 1/8 inch aluminum U channel for slidee rail (length is as per your requirements)
2) 2'  long 1/8 thickness 2 inch wide aluminum flat
3) 1' long 1/16 thickness 0.5" wide aluminum flat.
3) Box of #5  32 pitch nuts and bolts
4) One 3" long 5mm dia. miniature stainless steel shaft
5) One miniature pillow-bock mounted bearing for 5mm shaft dia.
6) Two 1/4" wide MXL timing belt pulley with 0.6"/16mm dia. for 5mm shaft
7) 1/4" wide MXL timing belt of running length = 2 x length of your slidee. ( for example if your Slidee is 6' long, then buy 12' long 1/4" MXL timing belt)
8) A turnbuckle
9) A bipolar 12 volt Stepper motor

Equipment needed
1) A hacksaw or a low speed Miter/Chop saw with metal cutting blade
2) Screwdriver
3) Hand drill or Power drill
4) Drill bits
5) Optional- Riveting tool
6) Felt tip pen/Pencil
7) Hammer
8) Countersink or deburring tool

Music sound tracks are by incompetech.com
Hello, i have a question, where can i find the bearing you are talking about and the pillow block, i can't find so small dimension, could you help me please with some website where to find them. Thanks, and by the way you have done a great job.
Check vxb.com and mcmaster.com for bearing and pillow blocks
Check my YouTube channel <a href="http://youtube.com/supportren" rel="nofollow">http://youtube.com/supportren</a> for other filmmaking equipment videos

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