This is a great gun i find, it's an mp5 with a push in stock, it looks just like an mp5 with good barrle. sorry its block trigger feal free to give constructive critisem.

Hope the instructions are clear enough

This is my favourite instuctable ive made

Range can be 30 ft to 100ft depending on the brubber bands u use.

Thanks please enjoy!

Step 1: Firing Pin

this has string to pull it back as i couldnt find another way 2 pull it back

Step 2: Hand Guard

this just protects ur hands from the firing pin and also makes it look better .

Step 3: Handle

a nice sturdy 1 i find this quite good.

Step 4: Push in Stock

This is quite trick but the pics should be good enough

Step 5: Body and Barrel

pretty complicated but easier enough thanks to the pics

Step 6: Putt It All Together

the pic shows were everything goes.

Step 7: The Bullet

for the bullet i use a blue rod with ball joint on, this is very effective
Hey. It doesn't even have to look like a MP5. lol. Its good compared to what I could do out of scratch.
more pics please it`s now really hard
where is the magazine!!!! but good anyway
pa rts count plz!!
Lol "Ultimate". Block trigger. Obviously fake mag. Bad gun overall. 100 ft? Pffft...
'90 feet' Pffffffft
That's old. Hardly anyone even mentions it anymore. Don't even bother reviving it.
It's still newer than this.
I'm pretty sure going back to an instructable from before you were a member (or even after) puts you under the category of 'instigator'. Bloody hypocrite. <br/><br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Knexers-and-others-too-please-read/">https://www.instructables.com/community/Knexers-and-others-too-please-read/</a><br/>
I just didn't like the bigheadedness. And I'm quite sure that this doesn't shoot 100 ft. I didn't realise this was so old, I was just looking at his profile. There were true triggers before. I was there, and have been since around April 2007. I got an account May 2008. It's one thing to fake ranges, but it's another to call your gun ultimate.
bad worse i guess
hu likes shotguns
you did not even post a knex gun and he has so i would not be talkin
Gahhhhhhhh!!!! you ruined heckler and Kosh's master pieces! you fool!
Yah YOU! You could of at least put in a magazine. It dosen't have a true trigger, which are diffantly worth the extra minute to make. my pho-mp5 is so much better. I might even post it, so all you people who are looking for some thing than this, there will be a mpa1 coming out soon.
take a chill pill!!
Why dont YOU take a chill pill and shove it up your Its fun being really annoying sometimes
no it's not your just making everybody in a bad mood
deal. Its all part of the genome project
the what a wha
What are you dumb?
do you want a true trigger here i made one now stop being a grouchy person!!!!
Lol this looks like an mp5?? Don't worry man I'm making an mp5 myself and I make sure to capture almost all the details on a gun. Well this was a good attempt better than most people.
wen will u be poatin it?
whoops, scratch that, i tore it apart and used the peices to make a gatling gun(it actully works like one) which is hard to do since you have a magazine loading the 4 barrels. I want to make a saw machine gun with chain links though
i know its annoying but you have to settle down
he is right
get a life, its KNEX not a fricken proper gun, it has just been made to look like a mp5, some people worry me on this site, people like you that take things too seriously. scary scary scary scary scary scary scary scary scary scary scary scary scary scary scary
Ahem. *Prop gun *frickin'
somebody get the list!!!!!!!
is it full auto
think about it, does it really look like a full auto, its doesnt take a genius to work that out, it doesn't even take a rennie to work it out.
that looks really good but just so you know that curved piece in front of the handle isnt supposed to be a hand guard (there are no guards on an mp5, except the trigger guard.) thats actually where the magazine is, but it looks like you ran out of pieces so you decided to just make it flat...
It don't look very strong.
single shot ?
come on, give im a break! he slipped up once! and yes he has done better! BUT AT LEAST HE TRIED! its better than alot of guns on this sight, not nameing names.
ty 4 being nice but if u say ive slipped, can u tell me what on plz rick?
i mean this gun is not as good as your first gun =)<br/>
oh ok, but i think this is my best
it diffently is not, this is really just a fancy looking gun, not a orginal working gun(it surprises me that u are getting mostly all good reviews for this)
its a great gun!!
i love this gun mp5s are very underrated in first player shooter games but in KNEX i think thats different....great job but reely i like the mp5s with the full butt on the back but still great gun overall
dude mp5s own
yh, thts why i built this, have u built it?
I made a trigger which i think works better than the one jayme posted, no offense should I post?

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