Picture of The Ultimate Airsoft Guide
This is my official guide to airsoft. I attempt to cover every important aspect of Airsoft in the next slides. I go over weapons, clothing, strategy, and much more!
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Step 1: Shotgun, Rifle, Sniper or Machine Gun?

Picture of Shotgun, Rifle, Sniper or Machine Gun?
Each one has advantages and disadvantages. My personal favorite is the shotgun because of its power and high rate of fire. Pick whichever one you like best. 

Type: Shotgun
Advantages: Powerful, Great Rate of Fire, Large Magazine
Description: The shotgun is a good weapon for close-medium range combat. It has decent accuracy & range. It also has great power.  

Type: Rifle
Advantages: Accurate, Good Range, 
Description: The rifle is best used in medium-far combat. Its accuracy allows you to attack from a safe distance. It also shoots faster than a sniper so you can take more shots closer up.

Type: Sniper
Advantages: Very Accurate, Great Range, Powerful
Description: The sniper is a long range weapon. It allows you to pick off enemies from a distance without being seen. Pared up with a machine gunner, the sniper is a capable weapon.

Type: Machine Gun
Advantages: High rate of fire, All around good weapon
Description: Great for "assaulting" the enemy, the machine shoots faster than all the other gun. Power and accuracy aren't very good though. Very good all around gun for beginners and pros alike.

Step 2: Spring, Gas, or Electric?

Picture of Spring, Gas, or Electric?
spring airsot.jpg
gas airsoft.jpg
What type of gun you carry is very important. Which type is best is mostly based on your personal opinion though.


Good Price
Easy to use

Cheaper Guns Lack power
Have to cock every shot


Shoots Faster than most Electric Guns
Very Powerful
Easy to reload

Gas/C02 expensive


Shoot Fast
Decent Power

More Fragile than Gas
Cheaper Guns tend to be Weak
Battery lasts only up to 5 hours

Flamp1x1 year ago
I'm new to airsoft .:( couldn't decide which type to get
Flamp1x1 year ago
jackowens (author) 2 years ago
Hi guys, thanks for the feedback! When I posted this instructable, I didn't know as much about airsoft as I do now. Now that I know more about Airsoft, I will update the information is this guide.
camohilk0912 years ago
not bad

but i think you should include some stuff on maitenence
Another thing is to never travel alone always have someone to watch your back especially if you are a sniper
you guys have no idea what you are talking about.if your gonna get into airsoft atleast do a little research.
weaponkid3 years ago
nice tips and strategies!
weaponkid3 years ago
I think everyone should have sidearms as well as a secondary and a main weapon but it is up to preference but always have a at least one sidearm.
weaponkid3 years ago
what?! spring guns are weak? you must be using guns from walmart.
how would you like to be shot by a 500fps spring sniper rifle and say it's not powerful.
~KGB~3 years ago
Lol, gas guns arent exactly quiet.
SO4Jesus3 years ago
What do you know bout guerilla tactics? My favorite strategy. I normally order the troops under my command to do it.