This is my personal guide on airsoft. I attempt to cover every important aspect I could think of in the next slides. I go over weapons, clothing, strategy, and much more!

Step 1: Shotgun, Rifle, Sniper or Machine Gun?

Each weapon has advantages and disadvantages. My personal favorite is the shotgun because of its power and high rate of fire (if your shotgun is pump action at least). Your chosen weapon usually comes down to your playing style. If you don't move around much a sniper rifle might be a good choice. However if you never stop moving and attacking others then a machine gun would be a much better weapon for you.

Note: If you play with C0H2 or Gas guns these descriptions may not match your weapon.

Type: Shotgun
Advantages: Powerful, Great Rate of Fire, Large Magazine
Description: The shotgun is a good weapon for close-medium range combat. It has decent accuracy & range. It also has great power. If you can find a pump action version you will be able to have a very good rate of fire. In addition, Shotguns generally have large "drum" magazines capable of holding hundreds of BB's which eliminates to reload or change clips often.

Type: Rifle
Advantages: Accurate, Good Range, Decent power
Description: The rifle is best used in medium-far combat. Its accuracy allows you to attack from a safe distance. It also shoots faster than a sniper so you can take more shots closer up. A good rifle should have good long range accuracy and a decent rate of fire.

Type: Sniper
Advantages: Very Accurate, Great Range, Very Powerful
Description: The sniper is a long range weapon. Some snipers come with scopes, although personally I find hard sights are more efficient at multiple ranges. The main perk of the sniper is it it allows you to pick off enemies from a distance without being seen. Also, most people will be scared of the snipers power which will force them to get under cover more often. Pared up with a spotter, the sniper is a capable weapon.

Type: Machine Gun
Advantages: High rate of fire, All around good weapon
Description: Great for "assaulting" the enemy, the machine shoots faster than all the other gun. Power and accuracy usually aren't very good though. Very good all around gun that works great in almost all situations

I'm new to airsoft .:( couldn't decide which type to get
not bad <br> <br>but i think you should include some stuff on maitenence
Another thing is to never travel alone always have someone to watch your back especially if you are a sniper
you guys have no idea what you are talking about.if your gonna get into airsoft atleast do a little research.
nice tips and strategies!
I think everyone should have sidearms as well as a secondary and a main weapon but it is up to preference but always have a at least one sidearm.
what?! spring guns are weak? you must be using guns from walmart. <br>how would you like to be shot by a 500fps spring sniper rifle and say it's not powerful.
Lol, gas guns arent exactly quiet.
What do you know bout guerilla tactics? My favorite strategy. I normally order the troops under my command to do it.

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