Ultimate Altoid Survival Kit!


Introduction: Ultimate Altoid Survival Kit!

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Okay, there has been a lot of hype about altoid tin survival kits. I've seen kits that were well thought out and practicable, and kits that were terrible and idiotic. But, after much work and exhaustion, I have found the ultimate altoid tin survival kit. Made in a Altoids mini tin, so it will fit anywhere, this kit has all you need to brave the wilderness, or survive the hot streets of some big city. Unveiling, the..... (drumroll please) .....


Step 1: What You Need

It's simple, you need Altoid Mini's, empty.

Gummi bears.

Step 2: Method 1: Ram and Cram

The first method I tried, was ramming and cramming. To use this method, take a handful of gummi bears, and ram as many as you can into the altoid tin. Typically you can fit around 9 into the tin without it popping back open when you close it.

But, this method is an inneficient use of space, so after much difficult research, I came up with method #2.

Step 3: Method 2: Tight Packing

With this method, you can easily fit in 11-12 gummi bears.

Step:1  Place 5 bears in side by side in the tin.

Step 2: Place 5 more above them.

Step 3:  Carefully squeeze one or two beside those in there.

Step 4: Make a Lot

These kits are so important, you need to make many of them and distribute them to your friends and family.

Step 5: Disclaimer

As awesome as this kit is, you might not want to rely upon it during an actual disaster. instead, you should also carry around, a machete, a rifle, a pistol, and a bugout bag full of important supplies.

Once again, this kit is not meant for major emergencies, and I can claim no responsibilty for your zombiefication should you rely on it.



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    LOL this made me laugh out loud. I was at work, dammit! :D

    Totally brilliant! I do the same thing for a 20-minute camp-out but I use a size Super-Large-Mammouth ammo can. Lasts almost until I get home.

    Now this is my kind of kit! Oh yeah!

    You can put way more bears if you melt them... Of course they would not be gummy bears anymore. more like a gummy slime or something like that. but you can always draw a teddy bear's face on the slime, I guess =D

    i could survive off this for 12 years. I could actually start living in the woods if i had 3 of these :p

    LOL---Thanks, Hon, for providing a little perspective! Bless you!

    You need to include mini bears in at least 1 kit, in case you come across an orphanage of starving children and need to share.

    You know, while this is humorous, something like this might be of use to someone who suffers from hypoglycemia.

    Oh my gosh this is the greatest

    Lol. I like the part: "After much research...". Very funny. I bet my i could only use 1 thing from my survival kit and still be better off than you. :P

    All you need to survive in the wild: a tin of gummy bears, and a machete.

    You forgot a canoe, a priest, and a tourniquet.