Picture of Ultimate Altoids Survival Tin
So I've seen a lot of Altoids survival tins, but I felt a ton were lacking. I decided I would take mine apart and make a fun little instructible to maybe help a few people out. Enjoy!
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Step 1: Get A Tin

Picture of Get A Tin
Altoids can be purchased at any convenience store, super market, etc. for around $1.70. Not only do they make a good survival tin, but the mints are very good.

Step 2: Find Your Goodies

Picture of Find Your Goodies
13, 9:48 PM.jpg
Here is a list of all my goodies inside my kit. I tried to have every item have at least 2 uses, unless it was crucial.

In top of tin under tape:
Needle sm. and lg.
3 hooks
Sm razor
(I did this to waterproof these, considering metal <3 rust)

Above tape:
2 strikers
1 pen insert

From bottom up:
12 in x 12 in aluminum foil
Anti itch hydrocortisone cream
3x antibiotic ointment
Lg. Bandaid
2 blister bandaids
3 butterfly bandaids
1 Imodium
2 tylenol
3 waterproof matches
28 paper matches in waterproof baggie
20 feet of 30 lb test line
Plastic grub
3 ball sinkers
1 safety pin
3 birthday candles
1 mini LED
1 cotton pad
1 larger waterproof LED
1 Claritin
1 cotton ball w/ vaseline
2 wax soaked cotton pads (burn time 7 minutes)
1 multitool (Pliers, blade, screwdriver, file)
1 alcohol swab

Step 3: Load Them Into Tin

Picture of Load Them Into Tin
13, 9:48 PM.jpg
I like to start with flat items first.
I move upwards leaving the largest on top. This also helps if it were windy so your gear doesn't go flying everywhere. I actually have a bit of space left to stick whatever items I feel like, such as a small ferro rod (which I can't find mine at the moment)

Also, I suggest putting the items you use the most on top. That way you don't have to redo your kit every time you try to get your pliers.

Here is what mine looks like fully packed.

On my other tin, I sanded off the paint from the bottom of the tin to make it so I can boil water without worrying about burning paint.

I suggest water proofing the tin by adding tape around the lip or a wide rubber band. This should also cause it to float.
fionag1231 year ago
Sooooo cooooooool
Mattakers1 year ago
What multitool is that?