Picture of Ultimate Amazing Bird Castle of Awesomeness
bird with house.jpg
Come one, come all! This luxurious bird castle hotel is unlike any other! It features a central spacious living area, and is complete with four personal perches! This bird castle hotel will have birds flocking (literally) to check in! One once they're in, they'll find that they never want to leave!

Birdhouses are overlooked every day and not given a second thought after they are put up in trees or mounted in gardens. They are often just hung up and left to rot once the builder forgets all about it. However, this bird castle will show people birdhouses can be more than just a house; they can be anything you want them to be, including a castle. This castle will make people stop and wonder "Where can I get one?" and "How was it made?"

We're here to tell you that you can make this amazing bird castle yourself, and we're going to show you how.

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Step 1: Supplies & Materials

Picture of Supplies & Materials

Here's the basics on what you need:
     Supplies:                                                                   Materials: 
        - Rubber Mallet                                                         - 2" x 4" Solid Wood Logs
        - Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)                    - 0.5" Plywood
        - Safety Glasses                                                       - Gorilla Wood Glue
        - Files
        - Sandpaper                                                            
        - Computer (SolidWorks & MasterCAM)                   
        - Endmill (Sizes: 1/8 Ball Endmill, 1/8 Flat
                            Endmill, & 1/16 Flat Endmill)

Step 2: Design in SolidWorks

Picture of Design in SolidWorks
Wall Component.png
Front Component.png
Back Component.png
Roof 2 Component.png
Roof 1 Component.png
Tower Component.png

To start, you want to design the basic parts of the bird castle on SolidWorks (a 3D CAD program). The basic components are shown above, and each part is included in the SolidWorks ZIP file attached.

Step 3: Design in MasterCAM

Picture of Design in MasterCAM
Wall Toolpath.png
Cover Toolpath.png
Pins Toolpath.png
Front Toolpath.png
Back Toolpath.png
Roof 1 Toolpath.png
Roof 2 Toolpath.png

In order to cut out each component, you have to import each one into MasterCAM (a 3D CAD Milling program) then toolpath each one. The layout of each toolpath on each component is shown above and attached in the MasterCAM ZIP File attached.

mikeasaurus2 years ago
Neat! You should put a picture of the finished project as the main intro picture so people can see what you made and not just a computer model
sphsengineering (author)  mikeasaurus2 years ago
Thanks! And done!
flyingpuppy2 years ago
You need a few more superlatives to describe this. Excellent job.
foobear2 years ago
If you want you can enter it in my bird challenge.
foobear2 years ago
Ooooh do love do love.