Forget all you have seen before! This is THE Bic airsoft gun. Not only does it have Semi-auto firing rate, but it also has a trigger mechanism that also stops ammo from falling out of your barrel when you tip it! Thats right, theres no worry about your ammo falling out, and you dont have to hold anything back untill you fire it. Just pull back, let go, and pull down.

***First Instructable***

*note* I started this like a year and a half ago and I forgot about it for so long. I had every stage cept the spaghetti gun and conclusion done, and im so glad i fianally decided to finish it! w00t!

UPDATE- I'm in the middle of another project right now. Its a big secret, but i havent seen anything quite like it anywhere. It's still in the design phase.

As of 3/ 13/ 09, it is in the prototype phase.

Step 1: Materials-

You will need:


*3 bic (round stic) pens
*two bic standard mechanical pencils(pencil #2 0.7 mm)
*3 medium thickness rubber bands
*one high thickness rubber band
*Duct tape
*airsoft pellets
*un-cooked spahgetti strands

*X-acto knife
*two hands. I only used one because i had to hold the camera, but you should use two.
<p>So cool. first airsoft gun. What about next weapon?</p>
nice! first &quot;airsoft&quot; gun i ever made, it hurt at 50cm and annoyed people at 5m. Good enough tho, i'm planning to make an aluminium one because BIC pens are kinda expensive here while i have ~2m of aluminium tubing lying around<br>i'll probably power it with a small piece of inner tube<br>yeah
very good intrutable but how do u use the reloader thingwermabobober
I'm in the process of making something of a similar but oh-so-different nature. I'm reinforcing it with steel wire to make it more durable. Add electrical tape for aesthetics and to hold the parts better. Plus, mine will be spring-loaded.
how do you shoot
such a nice<br>
-UPDATE- I now have all of the things in the previous comment, five spaghetti clips(not pictured), 22 more ink cylinders(only 6 or so pictured), 22 medium-large clips that hold 18 BBs, and (my favorite) a X-Bow type launcher that my friend Zach made and I modified.
This is my finished weapon and ammo. I have my modified weapon, a rubber band based compression clip, six large ammo clips that hold 19 BBs apiece, a small clip that holds 12 BBs, 5 ink cylinders of assorted kinds, And two different kinds of spear-type darts.
I cut down both parts of the trigger mechanism to make it shorter so I could reach it better. I also put a metal washer on it so I could push it down easier. If you make a pressured clip, you can turn it into an instant shotgun. It fills the whole chamber with BBs instead of just loading one. I made my trigger mechanism permanent, and put a brace between it and the front of the barrel, because it was bending from strain.
Any ideas on how to get the ends off? i used a saw to cut off the part of the pen but i dont want my barrel to be too small. those handsaws not the huge ones.
Shove a bamboo skewer or something similar into the opposite end and apply pressure.
You can see how much ammo you have left if you use a clear pen for the ammo clip.
using the drill can destroy the plastic... i tried 2 diffrent plastic, it destroyed 2. just use it to make a dint, then scoop out, and use a knife or pocket knife to finish the job
thats what i did!
Actually, i didnt use my drill at all to make either of my pen guns. I was just throwing out a suggestion. But you do have the proof that it has potential to ruin your project. I guess ill stick with you and just say to use it as a last resort if you dont have a reasonably sharp knife avalible. Thanks for the reccomendation. -Matt
awesome man! you need to come up with a high powered homemade airsoft gun now!
I remember I made something like this. It was extremely puny! It all has to do with the rubber band... and I lost it... I did something to the pens. The pens were too small for BB's to fit in, so I heat it up and expanded the pens. It's time to make... A&nbsp;BB&nbsp;GATLING&nbsp;GUN!!! (I bet you a subscription that you're prototyping one).<br />
how do you use the trigger mech? i haven't made it but im making my own so im trying to figure out how to make a trigger
pull back the firing pin so the bb gets into the barrel,then pull down on the&quot;trigger&quot;thingy
when the rubber bands are put over the front of the gun, won't they block the path of the BB?
dont put them over the barrel then...-.-
how do you fire the bb?
<p>pull back the firing pin so the bb gets into the barrel,then pull down on the&quot;trigger&quot;thingy.</p>
THEE best bic pen gun ever!!!!!!!!!nice job!!!!!!!!
&nbsp;dude this is sweet! great directions, great product and you&nbsp;obviously&nbsp;know what you are doing, mad props.
what's the point of the trigger?
it would be cool, if you had video of final product demo.<br />
This is the best pen gun i found on the internet and it's fun to shoot and you give good directions nice job!
i added a bit of pen perpendicular to the mechanical pencil part to pull back on and 2 more rubber bands it doubles the distance
Yeah, i tried that before. taping two mechanical pencil parts was too thick and didnt fit through the&nbsp; barrel, so i tried melting them together with a lighter. This worked for a while, but in time, the stress on the melted joint was too much and&nbsp;the whole thing just collapsed in on itself. For the time being, it did work alot better though.
too easy
Does n e 1 kno how much FPS this gun can achieve?
If you compare this to an actual airsoft gun (about 300 fps) than its rediculously low. If i had to guess, about 40 or 50 fps. But lets face it. Its made out of pen casings and rubber bands lol. Still impressive for something so simple although. And you cant make the fps much higher because the plastic the trigger mech is made out of is sort of brittle. Too much tension and it'll snap. My first one finally snapped about a year or so after i made it.
It looks good and easy and quick, and it sounds like it works from all the other comments, but I can't figure out how it works, and I know I'm probably overlooking something really obvious. Also I haven't made my own yet so I can't experiment with them. Can some one explain how it fires?
this has to be the best homemade airsoft gun i've ever seen good job 5/5
omg your all saying this is the best pen gun ever when he copied it of you tube
I do realize now that there are pen guns almost identical to this on youtube (well i didnt check, but i'll take your word for it) but rest assured that i discovered this system on my own. Just like more than one person discovered how to farm. Im sure there will be some stubborn people i wont be able to convince, but thanks to those who belive me. -Matt
is your name mat im called matt aswell
Most likely the or one of the best pen guns ever.
This has to be the best bic pen airsoft gun. Your directions are very easy to follow good job.
I made one of these about 2 years ago and it still works just fine. I found that an empty Zipfizz® tube tilted on the side works better than a bic pen (and i have more of them too.)
instead of the frontal rubber band i used a zip tie, then cut off the part that was left btw sweet instructable
Nice, I would have never thought of that. And thx.
i just think that its alot easier to get pliers and pull off the pen caps and stuff

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