Daylight Visible Bike Light - Front/Rear Combo - 100 Lumens on 2 AA's

Step 7: Start adding parts

Picture of start adding parts
first attach the 555 chip. pin 1 is in lower left corner. then the two resistors

on the proto-board i used it is really hard to tell where the rows & columns of connected pads are! i will try to use a much more obvious proto-board next time. with this one all the columns of pads are connected, with a break at the row underneath the 555. anyway be careful that you put the 555 straddling the break in the columns so its legs are not shorted together.

  • if you have never used a proto-board before, first get the basic circuit working on your desk with a solder-less proto board and then switch to the soldered one. basic instructions on proto-boards are on the web, such as here: http://www.doctronics.co.uk/prototyp.htm